Virtual Mailbox and Mail Forwarding Services 2023

Updated on September 19, 2023

NameTitlePricesServicesAreasMobile App
PostScan MailPostScan Mail$15-$30Mail Forwarding, Virtual PO Box, Business Address, Virtual Mailbox & Mailroom, Package Forwarding, Mail Scanning287Android, iOS
Traveling MailboxTraveling Mailbox$15-$159Mail Forwarding, Mail Scanning, Deposit Checks, Junk Mail, Virtual Office Integrations25Android, iOS
Anytime MailboxAnytime Mailbox$4.98-$49.99Real Street Addresses, Mail and Package Forwarding, Open and Scan Mail (PDFs), Global Network Check Deposit, Free Unlimited Online Storage980Android, iOS
iPostaliPostal1$9.99-$39.99Mail Forwarding, Virtual MailBox, Virtual Address, Enterprise Mail900Android, iOS
Earth Class MailEarth Class Mail$19-$79Virtual Business Address, Mail Scanning, Check Depositing90iOS
US Global MailUS Global Mailfrom $10Mail Forwarding, Virtual MailBox, Virtual Address, Enterprise Mail1
USA2MeUSA2me$10-$60Order Fulfillment, Remailing Services, Personal Shopper, Virtual Office1
Virtual Post MailVirtual Post Mail$15-$89Permanent Mailbox Address, Proof of Address, Check Deposit, Registered Agent, Package Forwarding1234

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In our Rating, we have prepared a rating of the best virtual mailbox & mail forwarding services. But, first, let’s answer two important questions: What are mail forwarding services, and how do they work?

What is a Virtual Mailbox

What is a Mail Forwarding Service and why do we need it?

Mail Forwarding Service is a service that receive all your mail and packages in one address, consolidate it and send it to your actual address which can be anywhere in the world.

Virtual Mailbox Facts
Virtual Mailbox Facts

People need this service when they are away from their homes for a long period of time and they still need to have an access to their mail

    • for expats who work and live abroad
    • for digital nomads who always on the go
    • for families with a second home
    • for businesses that receive mail in different locations and require forwarding service to receive all their mail in one central locations
    • and there are many other reasons why this service is essential in 2023Virtual Mailbox Users

What is the difference between Virtual Mailbox Service and Mail Forwarding Service?

Mail Forwarding Service just offer one service which is collecting all your mail in one location and afterwards sending it to your second address. They simply forward it to you without opening the envelop or scanning it. While virtual mailbox service provides you with a real street address in the USA or internationally.

And almost all virtual mailboxes have mail forwarding service including to their packages or they offer it for additional fees. Β Also Virtual Mailbox has many other services like mail open and scan, mail storage, check deposits, shredding and recycling of unwanted mail, etc.

List of the Best Mailbox and Mail Forwarding Services in 2023


PostScanMail service offers U.S. real addresses and currently they starting to expand internationally. Their pricing starts from $9.99 per month. They offer mail forwarding service for additional fee as well.

Traveling Mailbox

Travelling Mailbox has around 30 addresses across the U.S. They can forward your mail to anywhere in the world using the USPS or UPS. Their plans start from $15 per month. The price depends on the number of incoming envelopes, scans, mail recipients on the account. All plans have free mail shredding

Anytime MailboxΒ 

Anytime mailbox is one of the most popular mail forwarding service in 2020. It’s a virtual mailbox with 980 locations across the World, their rates start from $6.99. They have locations not just in the U.S but also in Canada, Europe, Indonesia, India and even Malaysia.

With Anytime Mailbox you get a real street address and useful features such as mail forwarding service; open&scan; check deposit; shredding and others. All accounts have free unlimited online storage. Anytime Mailbox considered as one of the most global virtual mailbox providers with very low rates. With Anytime Mailbox account you can be sure that you can forward your mail and packages to anywhere in the world at the best rates possible.

Earth ClassΒ  Mail

Earth ClassΒ  Mail has more than 90 addresses in the USA. They have different membership plans you can choose from. All plans offer unlimited digital copies and whenever you need a physical copy they can ship it to you. You will be able to combine all your packages, mail and choose your forwarding method in your virtual mailbox account.

US Global Mail

US global mail offers only one address located in Houston, Texas. They offer mail forwarding service at quite affordable rates. Their plans start from $9,95 and the price depends on the number of names on the account and number of days of physical and digital storage.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Mailbox and Mail Forwarding Services 2023”

  1. This claim is absolute nonsense:

    “Cheapest & Value – Anytime Mailbox”

    They don’t say which location charges $4.98/m. You’re unlikely to find that price browsing through their locations. Very few locations are under $9.99/m. Anytime Mailbox is actually the most expensive services to receive mail — assuming you receive any mail. The problem with your claim is it assumes the subscriber receives zero mail. What’s the point? Their allowance is PER PAGE (not per envelope) and they charge charge a high price PER PAGE.

    When I took my own stats of mail received for 1 year and the page counts into account, Anytime Mailbox was the *most expensive* of all the services you mention ($584.50/year). And that’s not heavy volume.. it’s an average of 14 envelopes/month (30-200 pages/month depending on the month).

    (btw, i’m submitting a bogus address so no need for reply.)

    1. We are not looking at individual cases. That’s what we write, that you have to count the volume of specific services in each case. This is the only way to choose the best virtual mailbox provider for you. Many people receive 1-2-3 letters per month, and sometimes 1 letter per 2-3 months. At the same time you have to pay for a subscription to a virtual mailbox all the time! If you need more services, Anytime Mailbox offers an advanced plan instead of the basic one.

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