Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Updated on January 22, 2021

 Choosing the best virtual mailbox can be intimidating , especially for someone new to digital mailboxes who may not know precisely which virtual mailbox service they should choose.

We have prepared a detailed overview where we will tell you how they work, compare their benefits, and help you choose the best virtual mail service for yourself!

Top Picks

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Best Virtual Mailbox Service in the U.S.

1. Anytime Mailbox: $6.99-$49.99/month (Sign Up Now)

Anytime mailbox has services at 980 locations and not just in U.S. and Canada, but also in Europe including UK, Australia and Asia, such great variety makes it very convenient to use.

Their pricing depends on a service plan and location you choose. They offer real street addresses, free unlimited storage and different features such as mail and package forwarding, open&scan, check deposits, shredding and etc.

It very easy to get a virtual post office box with Anytime Mailbox service. You just need to complete the form and notarize it. They established partnership with Notarize and notarization process can be done just in a few minutes online.

Anytime Mailbox is probably the global leader in digital mailbox services and it considered one the leading virtual mailbox service for business.

USA Locations: California (San Francisco, Los Angeles), New York, Texas (Houston), Washington, New Jersey, Phoenix, Florida (Miami), and more than 40 other states

Countries: Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, and more than 30 other countries

2. PostScan Mail: $9.95-$34.95/month

They offer 3 membership plans starting from $9.95 per month. Pricing depends on the number of mail and packages received per month and how many times you need open&scan service.  There are extra fees if you go over your monthly limit.

Mobile apps available on App Store and Google App. It makes it easy to manage your email remotely.

USA Locations: California, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh), Florida (Miami), Michigan (Detroit), and more than 30 other states

Other Countries: Czech Republic, Switzerland

3. Earth Class Mail: $19-$79/month (Sign Up Now)

They have a wide range of US based addresses you can choose from. All your mail will be logged, organized, and stored securely by their HIPAA certified technicians. That’s why they considered one of the good virtual po boxes.

Earth Class Mail have integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero,, Box, Google Drive and others, which allows you to close out invoices and save documents where you need them.  And their platform is very user-friendly.

USA Locations: Alaska, Illinois (Chicago), California, Colorado (Denver), Ohio (Colambus), New York, and more than 30 other states

4. Ipostal1: $9.99-$39.99/month

Ipostal1 has 900 virtual mailbox locations across the U.S. and abroad, including addresses at executive business centers in professional office buildings. You can request to forward mail and packages to any address, request a scan of mail content, discard or shred unwanted mail.

They offer 4 digital mailbox plans with different pricing: Green $9.99/month, for 30 mail items per month; Blue $14.99, for 60 items; Silver $24.99, for 120 items; and Gold $39.99, for 240.

USA Locations:  California, New York, Texas, Indiana, Minnesota, Delaware, and more than 40 other states

Other Countries: Canada, UK, China, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy

5. US Global Mail: $10-$25/month

US Global mail offers 3 membership plans: individual 10$ per month, 1 name on the account and 90 days free mail storage; family $15 per month, multiple family members, you get 180 days free mail storage and up to 80% off on shipping rates; business $25, you can add multiple  companies and family members. All accounts offer free check deposit.

USA Locations:  They only offer one address and it’s located in Houston, Texas.

6. USA2Me: $10-$60/month

USA2me gives you a USA address. They receive for you your mail, packages and after that you can decide what do with it: ship, scan or discard. They are known as the excellent mail, package forwarding.

They offer 4 membership plans: basic, no monthly fee, you pay only for what use; Standard $10 per month, includes free discard; Premium $35, includes 1 time free shipment up to $30; Ultimate $60, includes 1 time free shipment up to $60 and the lowest shipping rates.

USA Locations:  They only offer one address and it’s located in Houston, Texas.

7. Travelling Mailbox: $15-$159/month

Their pricing depends on the amount of incoming envelopes, page scans, mailbox recipients, etc. They have membership plans for personal usage, small businesses and enterprises.  All plans include free mail shredding, envelope scan, unlimited cloud storage, junk mail filtering.

There are additional fees for check deposits and also if you exceed your month limit. Travelling Mailbox integrates with Evernote, and Dropbox.

USA Locations: California, Georgia, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, and 30 other states

8. Virtual Post Mail: $15-$89/month

VirtualPostMail is ideal for small business owners, professional services, digital nomads.

With all membership plans you get a commercial address, a free registered agent service, free 60-day Physical mail storage, unlimited digital storage and no setup or cancellation fees.

They have 4 plans available with different number of free scans and recipients. At the moment, they have limited number of addresses across the U.S.

USA Locations: California, Delaware, Nevada

9. Regus: from $37

Regus was created for those who want to get an instant professional address or expand their business presence into other cities and countries. They have 3 plan options:

Professional address from $37 per month, includes business address which you can use for your company documents, website, business cards and they will collect your mail for free but there are additional fees for mail forwarding and open&scan service;

Virtual office from $150 per month, they will also answer calls in your company’s name and  you will get access to business lounges;

Virtual office plus from $207, for those who need regular use of a private office to work, meet clients or have interviews.

USA Locations: 1023 locations in all U.S. states

Countries: 120 (including Russia, China, USA, UK, Canada, and others)

10. PO BOX Zone: from $99 per Year

PO Box Zone is an extremely advanced P.O. box. It’s suitable for all businesses, travelers, and expats. You will get a real street address that you can use as your mailing address. They will receive all your letters, scan it and upload it for you to view it online. After viewing your mail digitally, you can give them future instructions what to do with your mail and letters. P.O. box zone have two virtual addresses with forwarding in Nevada and Wyoming. The biggest advantage of P.O. Box Zone is that they can accept any letter on your behalf, including FedEx, UPS,  DHL and other courier packages that regular digital mailboxes cannot accept.

PO Box Zone pricing start from $99 per year which is only $8,25 per month. They offer three different packages. The cost depends on a volume of mail you want to receive. All plans include free scan, mobile app, street address and Automatic upload to your Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

USA Locations:Nevada, Wyoming

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

A digital mailbox is a service that receives all your physical mail, packages for you. It gives you an actual physical address, that you can us as your permanent address for sending all your mails and parcels. Imagine that you can manage your physical mail just as easy as your email. With virtual post office box you’ll be able to access your mail via any computer, tablet, phone at any time from anywhere in the world.

You should consider getting a virtual mailbox if you work and travel remotely and you don’t stay for long in one place. It’s perfect for those who usually don’t stay in one location for long like digital nomads, freelancers, full-time travelers and they don’t need to worry anymore about their mail pilling up.

Also digital mail box is a good solution for small businesses and startups because it gives your company a permanent address on a local level, that creates trustworthy look for your customers and at the same time gives you privacy because you not exposing your home address

Each virtual mailbox company offers a variety of features. Here’s what you can expect.
    • You’ll have an actual physical address and with most services you can pick the address out of the number of different addresses.
    • When your mail arrives, the service automatically scan the front of the envelop or packages. After that you get a notification on your phone or computer and you can decide what you want to do with this mail.
    • Some services can open the mail and scan it for you. You can view the content of the envelop online.
    • You can ask to shred, dispose or recycle your mail.
    • Package storage and shipping.
    • Some services offer check depositing
    • Signature upon delivery.

How to Choose?

To choose the best virtual mailbox service you need to decide what features do you need and what you expect from digital mailbox.

    • Consider mail opening and scanning service if you have bills coming to your mail.
    • Check depositing service is essential for those who receive payment by check.
    • Decide if you need P.O. box or an actual physical address.
    • And of course one of the most important factors is the price. Cost can vary widely and it depends on the membership plan and what features you want to include to you usps online postal mailbox such as mail forwarding, open&scan, check deposits, etc.

How to Get It?

To get started you need to choose the virtual mailbox company you want to work with and select the mailing address they provide or the P.O. box and pick a service plan. After that you need to complete the USPS 1583 form and notarize your documents. This action is required to create a virtual mailbox in any of the services located in the United States. You can notarize it online (like or at the local office.

Here are the cheapest virtual mailbox services. Check out these sites and decide which one works best for you.

Cheapest Virtual Mailbox Service

A digital mailbox is a service that turns your mail into a virtual form. We looked at the cheapest mail services in 2021 and created a list of prices. Take a look at our short overview below.

    1.  Anytime Mailbox – $6.99 (Sign Up
    2.  PostScanMail – $9.95 
    3.  iPostal1 – $9.99 

The cheapest mail forwarding service in 2020 is Anytime Mailbox. You can get an account with them just for $6.99 per month. They offer locations in the USA and internationally. Also iPostal1 and PostScanMail have quite affordable rates. You can set up an account with them for around $10.

Keep in mind that all services have different packages with numerous features and price can depend on those features such as the number of envelops received, open&scan service, etc. Also prices can vary depending on the location. Rates can be different for each state and city.

What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail Forwarding (MF) and virtual mailbox services are quite similar. The only difference is that the mail forwarding  providers only offer one service which is receiving your mail and parcels in one place, and forwarding it to the location you request.  It’s one of the fastest way to have your mail and parcels shipped to you, to anywhere in the world  via any carrier (USPS, UPS, ets. ). You can forward your mail to different addresses in the US or internationally.

While digital mailbox companies beyond mail forwarding service also offer different set of features in their packages and its not only mail forwarding service but also  open&scan service; mail storage; payments check deposits; shredding and recycling your mail, etc.  Before signing up for an account with virtual PO box or mail forwarding service, you need to decide whether you just need an ability to forward your mail to anywhere in the world or a full set of services which you can have by signing up for a virtual mailing address.

And usually prices for digital mailbox plans are more advantageous compared to mail forwarding service especially if you don’t need to resend your mail to a second location and you don’t need it in a physical form. Also, you will be able to view all your letters immediately online via any device and from anywhere in the world, besides you will have many other features available with your online post box account. To decide what is better for you, mail forwarding service or a virtual mailbox account, you need to understand what feature you want to have.

Mailforwarding and Virtual Mailbox Clients


Mail forwarding service is getting more and more popular among expats. If you are living abroad you should definitely consider this service. With MF you will be able to receive all your important mail and packages being anywhere in the world. It’s better not to rely on your friends or family all the time. It can annoy them eventually or they can simply forget to forward an important piece of mail to you.

Digital nomads

Today with mail forwarding service it’s getting easier to become a digital nomad. Because one of the main problems digital nomads face is mail. MF is very helpful for all freelancers who prefer to be based in multiple locations rather than being tied up to one.


If you are traveling all the time, you can face different challenges such as handling U.S. postal mail. With MF this problem can be easily solved. In 2020 there’s no need to ask your relatives to forward your mail to you. And if you set up an account with virtual mailbox you’ll even be able to open and scan your letters within a few hours.


Some businesses receive their postal mail in different locations and for them it’s very useful to use MF because this way all their mail will be forward to their central location and from there it’s much easier to manage it. Also, if you sign up for a virtual mailbox account you get a real street address and this will give you privacy because you won’t expose your home address.

Signing up for a MF is a perfect solution for receiving your mail in 2021 especially if you are an expat, digital nomad, businesses or a traveller and even if you aren’t you should consider it. Mail forwarding service is very helpful nowadays and it’s super easy to use.

Top Online Postal Mailboxes in the World (International, Canada, UK, Europe & Other)

Online postal mailboxes are essential nowadays for all expats, travellers, business owners, and everyone else. These services keep people’s mail safe, secure while they have an easy access to it anytime via any device. It gives you a physical street address in any location you want, and to which you can direct all your mail and parcels. But today it’s so difficult to choose the right provider that will suits your needs best.  Luckily, in 2020-2021 there are plenty of virtual mailing address providers and you can decide which one is perfect for you .

Before we made a short review about online mailing services in the USA, but this digital mailbox service is offered in different countries. Sometimes the smartest way is to sign up for a virtual mailing address in the country of your origin. And in this part of the article, we will talk about  international and local services in Canada, Europe, UK, and other countries . To choose the right provider you have to know all your options especially when there are so many companies offering the same service but with slightly different features.

Let’s look at some of the most popular digital mailbox services around the world.

International digital mailing services

One of the most global virtual mail company is Anytime Mailbox. They have services at 1001 locations all over the world.  Account fees starting as low as $6,50 per month]. Anytime offer all necessary features you might need including mail forwarding service and check deposits.

Another international company which offers mail forwarding service is Regus. You can choose from three thousand locations around the world to position your business.  Regus is not just a digital mailbox, it’s a full virtual office service which include mailing handling and mailing forwarding service. If you’re looking to build your business presence fast with an instant professional address, you should sign up for an account with Regus.


There are three most popular online mailing services in Canada: Canadian address; The Network hub;

Canadian address charge $20 onetime payment, without any monthly fee.  They give you a free virtual mailing address and charge you only for what you use: forwarding service; open&scan; fax, etc.

The network Hub has two locations in Canada: New Westminster and Vancouver.  Prices per month start from $23. Their mailbox rental service includes same-day mail notifications; mail scan and forwarding.

eSnail. ca is another Canadian mailbox with prices from $25 to $55 per month. All necessary features are included to the account, for some additional services you will be charged extra. But unfortunately, they don’t have check deposits and junk mail filter.


Ukpostbox is one of the most popular digital mailboxes service in UK. They offer personal and business address. PO box address is without a monthly fee, pricing for street addresses start from 12£. All necessary features are included to the account.


There are many mail forwarding service options available in different European countries.  Obviously, it the smartest way for you to choose a digital mailbox service based in the country of your origin. Drop Scan and CleverMail are the most known in Germany. CleverMail is an international mailbox with more than 10 locations around the world. They offer different plan options and their pricing start from 5,45 €.  PriPost represent virtual mailbox locations in Netherlands.  For a 5 € per month you can get a Postbox without any long contracts. They offer all basic features as normal digital mailbox service.


SOS mail solutions is an Australian company, based in Brisbane. They claim themselves as the quality mail and parcel forwarding service in Australia.  The cost starts from $12-15 per month. They will scan and upload your mail to your online account on their website, and if it’s needed forward it to your location.