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Updated on July 19, 2021

Choosing a virtual mail service can be intimidating, exactly for someone new to digital mailboxes who may not know exactly which mailing service they should choose.

Read our review to find out more about how digital mailboxes work and compare the benefits to choose the best virtual mailbox service for you!

How We Prepared the Review

The review was prepared by Eugene K. and his team of IT experts. More than 3 months were spent on this research. For our ranking, we studied the offerings of the most well-known providers in the virtual mailbox industry and selected the leading services.

We then conducted tests and compared more than 30 providers in order to select and publish the top 10 of them on our website. We had to create accounts, go through the notary verification process, communicate with the support team, download the app, etc. All of this is necessary to see these apps from the customer’s point of view. This made our review as expert and objective as possible.


NameTitlePricesServicesAreasMobile App
PostScan MailPostScan Mail$15-$30Mail Forwarding, Virtual PO Box, Business Address, Virtual Mailbox & Mailroom, Package Forwarding, Mail Scanning287Android, iOS
Anytime MailboxAnytime Mailbox$6.99-$49.99Real Street Addresses, Mail and Package Forwarding, Open and Scan Mail (PDFs), Global Network Check Deposit, Free Unlimited Online Storage980Android, iOS
Earth Class MailEarth Class Mail$19-$79Virtual Business Address, Mail Scanning, Check Depositing90iOS
iPostaliPostal1$9.99-$39.99Mail Forwarding, Virtual MailBox, Virtual Address, Enterprise Mail900Android, iOS
US Global MailUS Global Mailfrom $10Mail Forwarding, Virtual MailBox, Virtual Address, Enterprise Mail1--
USA2MeUSA2me$10-$60Order Fulfillment, Remailing Services, Personal Shopper, Virtual Office1--
Traveling MailboxTraveling Mailbox$15-$159Mail Forwarding, Mail Scanning, Deposit Checks, Junk Mail, Virtual Office Integrations25Android, iOS
Virtual Post MailVirtual Post Mail$15-$89Permanent Mailbox Address, Proof of Address, Check Deposit, Registered Agent, Package Forwarding1234--
RegusRegusfrom $37Professional address, Virtual Office & Office Plus2600Android, iOS

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Our Reviews of the Best Virtual Mailbox Services

1. Anytime Mailbox: $6.99-$49.99/month

Anytime Mailbox is available in more than 980 international locations including the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, and Asia, making their services extremely accessible for clients worldwide.

They have various offers depending on the plan and location you choose, offering real street addresses, free unlimited storage, and various other features such as mail and package forwarding, open & scan mail (PDFs), check deposits, shredding, and more.

It’s very easy to get a virtual post office box with Anytime Mailbox. Simply complete and submit the notarized form. Anytime Mailbox has partnered with Notarize, the online notary platform, for your document to be notarized in just a few minutes.

Anytime Mailbox is a recognized global leader of digital mailbox services and is considered to be the most advanced virtual mailbox service available for business.

Locations in the USA: California (San Francisco, Los Angeles), New York, Texas (Houston), Washington, New Jersey, Phoenix, Florida (Miami), and more than 40 other states

Locations Worldwide: Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, and more than 30 other countries

    •  Pros: Many locations around the world; Handy Mobile App; Flexible tariff plans; Advantageous tariffs and additional options 
    •  Cons: Sometimes tech support takes a long time to reply to emails; No centralized system, prices in different locations may vary 
    •  Summary: The best solution of all in our opinion. It has all the basic options needed for everyday use by regular users. 

2. PostScan Mail: $15-$30/month

PostScan Mail offers 3 membership plans starting from $15 per month. Pricing depends on the number of mail and packages received every month and the number of times you require the open&scan feature.

They charge extra if you exceed your monthly limit.
You can manage remotely your mail with their mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play.

Locations in the USA: California, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh), Florida (Miami), Michigan (Detroit), and more than 30 other states.

Locations Worldwide: Czech Republic, Switzerland

    •  Pros: High level of security; Free storage for 30 days; Locally and Internationally Mail Forwarding 
    •  Cons: Not the most budget-friendly solution; No check deposit service 
    •  Summary: Online mail service is suitable for regular users, self-employed and small businesses. 

3. Traveling Mailbox: $15-$159/month

The pricing of the Traveling Mailbox services depends on the number of incoming envelopes, page scans, etc. They offer membership plans for personal use, as well as small businesses and enterprises. All plans include free mail shredding, envelope scanning, unlimited cloud storage, and junk mail filtering.

Additional fees apply for check deposits and exceeding your monthly limit. Traveling Mailbox integrates with Evernote, and Dropbox.

Locations in the USA: California, Georgia, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, and 30 other states

    •  Pros: Many useful integrations with various service; Parcel and Mail Forwarding; Different types of support (phone, email, chat); It is possible to make several users have access; The basic plan includes 35 free scans 
    •  Cons: Limited number of locations; Basic rate plans are more expensive than the major competitors 
    •  Summary: The best online mail service when traveling. Is especially popular with travel bloggers, digital nomads, expats, RVers, business travelers, etc. 

4.Earth Class Mail: $19-$79/month

Earth Class Mail offers a wide range of US-based addresses to choose from. All your mail will be logged, organized, and stored securely by their HIPAA certified technicians. That’s why they are considered to be one of the most popular virtual PO boxes.

Earth Class Mail integrates with QuickBooks Online, Xero,, Box, Google Drive, and many other useful apps, allowing you to close out invoices and save your files wherever needed. Their interface is renowned for being very user-friendly.

Locations in the USA: Alaska, Illinois (Chicago), California, Colorado (Denver), Ohio (Columbus), New York, and more than 30 other states

    •  Pros: Free trial period by promo code; Useful integrations with other services (Google Drive, DropBox, QuickBooks and others); Useful options for business (including those related to receiving and processing payments by check) 
    •  Cons: More expensive tariff plans than competitors 
    •  Summary: The best virtual business address and virtual mailbox. There are useful services such as Virtual Business Address, Online Check Deposit, API integration with various business applications, etc. 

5. iPostal1: $9.99-$39.99/month

iPostal1 has 900 virtual mailbox locations across the USA and abroad, including addresses at executive business centers in professional office buildings. You can forward mail and packages to any address, request a scan, discard or shred unwanted mail.

They offer 4 plans with different pricing: Green $9.99/month, for 30 mail items per month; Blue $14.99, for 60 items; Silver $24.99, for 120 items; and Gold $39.99, for 240.

Locations in the USA:  California, New York, Texas, Indiana, Minnesota, Delaware, and more than 40 other states

Locations Worldwide: Canada, UK, China, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy

    •  Pros: Low price plans (from $9.99); Great choice of locations; Possibility to have several locations within one account 
    •  Cons: More suitable for individuals than for businesses 

6. US Global Mail: $10-$25/month

US Global Mail offers 3 membership plans: individual 10$ per month, 1 name on the account and 90 days free mail storage; family $15 per month, multiple family members, you get 180 days free mail storage and up to 80% off on shipping rates; business $25, you can add multiple  companies and family members. All accounts offer free check deposit.

Locations in the USA: They only offer one address and it’s located in Houston, Texas.

    •  Pros: Working since 1999; Real physical address in the USA; 2 step verification for added protection 
    •  Cons: No location selection; Expensive optional extras 

7. Virtual Post Mail: $15-$89/month

Virtual Post Mail is ideal for small business owners, freelancers, and digital nomads.

All membership plans provide you with a commercial address, a free registered agent service, free 60-day physical mail storage, unlimited cloud storage, and no additional setup or cancellation fees.

They have 4 plans available offering various numbers of free scans and recipients. Currently, there are a limited number of addresses offered across the USA.

Locations in the USA: California, Delaware, Nevada

    •  Pros: Free physical storage for up to 2 months; Secure mail shredding options; Money back within 30 days 
    •  Cons: Rather expensive basic tariff; Proof of address (allows you to open a bank account in the U.S.) 

8. PO BOX Zone: from $99 per Year

PO Box Zone is a highly advanced PO box suitable for businesses, travelers, and expats. This service will provide you will a real street address as your mailing address. PO Box Zone receives your mail, scans, and uploads it, so you can view it online. You can always give instructions remotely on what needs to be done. The company has two digital addresses with forwarding services in Nevada and Wyoming. Unlike many other virtual mailing companies, PO Box Zone accepts any letter or package for you, including from FedEx, UPS,DHL, and other couriers.

PO Box Zone pricing start from $99 per year which is only $8,25 per month. They offer three different packages. The cost depends on the volume of mail you will receive. All plans include free scan, mobile app, street address and Automatic upload to your Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Locations in the USA: Nevada, Wyoming

    •  Pros: Low price when paying for a year; Registered Agent 
    •  Cons: Only 2 locations; You have to pay for the whole year at once 

9. USA2Me: $10-$60/month

USA2me provides you with a USA address to receive your mail and packages that you can either ship, scan, or discard. They are renowned for their excellent mail and package forwarding.

They offer 4 membership plans: basic, no monthly fee, you pay only for what use; Standard $10 per month, includes free discard; Premium $35, includes 1 time free shipment up to $30; Ultimate $60, includes 1 time free shipment up to $60 and the lowest shipping rates.

Locations in the USA: They only offer one address located in Houston, Texas.

    •  Pros: The company has been in business for over 15 years; Services for sending not only letters, but also parcels 
    •  Cons: Obsolete Personal Cabinet for the client; Virtual mailboxes are not the company’s core business; No mobile app 

10. Regus: from $37

Regus has been created for those who wish to acquire an instant business address or extend their business presence in other cities and countries. They can choose between three plans:

Professional address from $37 per month, includes business address which you can use for your company documents, website, business cards and they will collect your mail for free but there are additional fees for mail forwarding and open&scan;

Virtual office from $150 per month, they will also answer calls in your company’s name and  you will get access to business lounges;

Virtual office plus from $207, for those who need to regularly use a private office to work, conduct interviews, or meet clients.

Locations in the USA: 1023 locations in all U.S. states

Locations Worldwide: 120 (including Russia, China, USA, UK, Canada, and others)

    •  Pros: Many additional options 
    •  Cons: Expensive rates; Virtual mailboxes are an additional line of business 

The cheapest mail forwarding service in 2021 is Anytime Mailbox. You can open an account with them for just $6.99 per month. They offer locations in the USA and worldwide. You can set up an account with iPostal1  from as low as $10.

Keep in mind that all companies have different offers with various features that can influence the price including the number of envelopes received, open&scan, etc. Prices also vary depending on the location, such as the city and state.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

A digital mailbox is a service that receives all your snail mail and packages for you. It gives you an actual physical address, that can be used as your permanent address for sending all your mail and parcels. Just imagine if you could manage your snail mail as easily as your email. A virtual post office box will give you access to your mail from any computer, tablet, or phone at any time from anywhere in the world.

If you travel frequently, work remotely, or often move around, then you should consider a virtual mailbox service. It’s perfect for digital nomads, freelancers, and full-time travelers so they don’t have to worry about their mail piling up anymore.

A digital mailbox is an ideal solution for small businesses and start-ups as it increases customer trust whilst preserving the privacy of your home address with a real and permanent local address.

Each company offers a variety of features. Here’s what you can expect.
    • You’ll have an actual physical address and with most services you can pick the address out of the number of different addresses.
    • When your mail arrives, the app automatically scans the front of the envelop or package. You then receive a notification on your phone or computer for you to decide the next steps.
    • Some Mail Companies offer to open the mail and scan it for you to view online.
    • You can request to shred, dispose or recycle your mail.
    • Package storage and shipping.
    • Some services offer check depositing
    • Signature upon delivery.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Mailbox?

To choose the best virtual mailbox  service you need to decide what features do you need and what you expect from digital mailbox.

    • Consider mail opening and scanning feature if your bills are sent by mail.
    • Check depositing feature is essential for those who receive payment by check.
    • Decide if you need a PO box or an actual physical address.
    • One of the most important factors is always the price. The cost can vary widely and usually depend on the membership plan and features you wish to include in your online postal provider such as mail forwarding, open&scan, check deposits, etc.

How to Get It?

USPS Form 1583
Download USPS Form 1583 (.pdf)

To get started you need to choose the virtual mailbox service you want to work with, select the mailing address they provide or the P.O. box, and choose a plan. After that submit a completed USPS 1583 form and notarize your documents.

 This action is required to create a virtual mailbox in any of the services located in the United States. You can notarize it online (like or at the local office. 

Best Virtual Mailboxes in the World (International, Canada, UK, Europe & Other)

Virtual Mailbox Services are essential for all expats, travelers, business owners, etc. These services keep people’s mail safe and secure whilst giving easy online access from any device. It gives you a physical street address in any chosen location, where you can direct all your mail and parcels. However, it can be challenging today to choose the provider that will suit your needs the best.  Luckily, in 2021 there are plenty of digital mailing address providers and you can decide which one is perfect for you .

We previously reviewed the online mailing companies in the USA. However, digital mailboxes are also available in other countries. Sometimes it’s better to sign up for a virtual mailing address in your country of origin. In this part of the article, we will talk about  international and local mail companies in Canada, Europe, UK, and other countries . To choose a quality service provider you should know all your options especially when there are so many companies out there offering similar services but with slightly different features.

CountryMail CompanyTitlePricesServicesAreasMobile App
United States of AmericaAnytime Mailbox$6.99-$49.991Real Street Addresses, Mail and Package Forwarding, Open and Scan Mail (PDFs), Global Network Check Deposit, Free Unlimited Online Storage980Android, iOS
AustraliaHotSnail$0-25/monthMail redirection & forwarding, Scanning, Mail to email, Sort mail1--
CanadaYour Canadian AdressPer letter/postage chargesMail Forwarding, Package Consolidation, Scanning, Personal Shopping, Fax Services1--
CanadaeSnail$20-$65Virtual PO Box, Mail forwarding, Archiving, Scanning, Package forwarding3--
GermanyDrop Scan$10-$40Post-digitizing, Archiving Of Your Letters Enterprise Mail, Scan Letters3--
NetherlandsPriPostfrom $5Mail processing (Scan, Forward, Store), Business postal address, Receive packages7--
SwitzerlandSwiss Post Box$15-$159Redirect mail, Mail Scanning, WebStamp, E-Post Office193--
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandUK Postbox$0-150/monthMailbox Forwarding, Parcel Forwarding, Online Mail Managment, PO Box Address7--
BelgiumRegusfrom $37Professional address, Virtual Office & Office Plus2600Android, iOS
AustraliaSOS Mail Solutions$12-15/month1--

Our Virtual Mailbox Ranking Service

Our service ( publishes only independent ratings and reviews for virtual mailbox services. We use affiliate referral links as described in the disclaimer, but it is not a hidden advertisement. We don’t sell places or reviews in our rating. Our reviews show that we are not biased toward one provider and we recommend several.  This way, everyone who visits our website can choose the most suitable solution for themselves . Our unbiased rankings are determined by expert reviews and experiencedusers.

The rating is not only based on our own experience of using different virtual mailbox companies but also on other objective factors such as:

    • Convenience of using the virtual mailbox service; user friendly interface; availability of the mobile apps.
    • Number of available locations in the USA and other countries.
    • Review of unbiased specialized websites such as and reliable opinions of popular bloggers, digital nomads, business owners, etc.
    • Price comparison of different providers. We verify basic plan costs and the number of free features and the price of additional options.


Frequently Asked Questions about Top Virtual Mailbox Services

How to Manage Mail While Traveling

The main challenge for business travelers, digital nomads, and everyone else is managing their postal mail while they abroad. How can you view and manage your postal mail being abroad, on a business trip, or while traveling the world? We know a few options that can help you. Let’s take a look.


Obviously in 2021 the mobile phone is our everything. If you sign up for a virtual mailbox account, you will be able to read your postal mail online with any mobile device using their iOS or Android app or on their official website. But different situations can happen while you’re abroad.

For example, no internet on your phone, impossible to get a local simcard or no access to WiFi. Besides, sometimes you might need an original letter. In this case, you will have to plan in advance on how to forward your incoming mail to a new physical address. Here are your options:


Many coworking spaces such as Regus offer customers an address where they will pick up your mail and hold it until the member comes and pick it up himself. Moreover, some coworking spaces can forward the mail to the member’s location if he is out of the city.


Hotels are very convenient to guests who want to receive their mail or packages while they stay. Before your trip you need to go to the local post office, fill out the change of address form. Provide the hotel address you’re staying in and the suite number. Before arriving to the hotel, phone the front desk and let them know that you’re expecting mail during your stay.  Hotels are very accommodating; they will even phone your room to tell you when your mail has arrived.

Get a physical letter copy at pick up locations of your virtual mailbox provider

Not all providers offer this service, that is why if it’s important for you, before setting up an account, ask the virtual mailbox provider if they have this feature. For example, PostScan Mail has physical locations where you can pick up your mail in person.

As we mentioned above virtual mailbox is great for every traveler. But their packages include so many features and just simple mail viewing. Let us look at the main benefits that you need to consider if you want to get an account.

Who needs Mail Forwarding and a Virtual Mailbox?


Virtual Mail Forwarding Service is getting more and more popular among expats. If you are living abroad, you should consider this service. With MF you will be able to receive all your important mail and packages anywhere in the world. It’s not always possible to rely on friends and family all the time. It can become inconvenient, or they may simply forget to forward an important mail to you.

Digital nomads

MF makes it easier to become a digital nomad, because it solves one of the main problems they face of managing their mail. Digital Mailing Service is also very helpful for those freelancers who are based in multiple locations.

Travelers & RVers

If you are always traveling, dealing with U.S. postal mail can be an issue. MF solves this problem easily. In 2021 you no longer need to ask your relatives to forward your mail. If you set up a virtual mailbox, you’ll even be able to see your letters online within a few hours by using an open&scan feature.


Some businesses receive their postal mail in different locations. Using MF allows them to forward it to their central location to manage it more easily. Also, if you sign up for a digital mailbox account you will be provided with a real street address which will preserve your privacy by not exposing your home address.

In 2021, signing up for virtual mailbox is a perfect solution for receiving your mail, especially if you are an expat, digital nomad, business owner, or a traveler and even if you aren’t you should consider it anyway! Mail Forwarding is both very helpful these days and it’s super easy to use.

What is Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding (MF) and virtual mailboxes are very similar. However, the mail forwarding providers only offer to receive your mail and parcels and forward them to the requested address. This makes it to be one of the fastest ways to have your mail and parcels shipped to you anywhere in the world via any courier (USPS, UPS, etc.). You can forward your mail to any address in the US or worldwide.

On the other hand, digital mailbox companies offer open&scan, mail storage, payments check deposits, shredding and recycling your mail, etc. in ADDITION to mail forwarding services. Therefore, you can get the best mail forwarding service from all leading digital milboxes. Define precisely which services you require before signing up for an account with a virtual PO box or MF.

Calculate how many mails you need to send per month, compare Mail Forwarding and Virtual Mailbox service plans and additional fees, and choose the right solution!

Digital mailbox plans are usually more cost-effective compared to MF especially if you don’t need to receive the mail in a physical form in another location. All your letters will be immediately available online via any device, from anywhere in the world.

What services work abroad?

Let’s look at some of the most popular virtual mail & address services around the world.

International Mail Forwarding companies

 One of the most renowned virtual mail companies around the world is Anytime Mailbox. It is present in 1,001 locations around the world . Fees start as low as $6,50 per month. Anytime Mailbox offers all the necessary features you may need including MF and check deposits.

Regus is another international company offering MF. You can choose from 3000 locations around the world for your business. Regus is not just a digital mailbox, it’s a full virtual office company that includes mailing handling and MF. If you’re looking to build your business presence fast with an instant professional address, you should open an account with Regus.


 There are three most popular virtual mailboxes in Canada: Canadian address; The Network hub; .

Canadian address charges a one-time payment of $20, without any monthly fees. The company provides you with a free mailing address and only charges you for what you’ve used: MF; open&scan; fax, etc.

eSnail. ca is another Canadian mailbox with prices ranging from $25 to $55 per month. All necessary features are included in the offer. For additional options, you will be charged extra. Unfortunately, they don’t have check deposits and junk mail filter.


Ukpostbox is one of the most popular digital mailboxes in the UK. They offer both personal and business addresses. A PO box address has no monthly fees. Pricing for street addresses, however, starts from £12. All necessary features are included in the account.


There are many mailbox options available around Europe.  The easiest way is to choose a digital mailbox based in the country of your origin . Drop Scan and CleverMail are the most popular companies in Germany. CleverMail is an international provider represented in more than 10 locations around the world. They offer different plan options, and their pricing starts from 5.45 €. PriPost is a virtual mailing company located in the Netherlands. For just 5 € per month you can get a Postbox without extended commitment. They offer all the basic features like any regular online PO box.


SOS mail solutions is an Australian company, based in Brisbane. They are a recognized high-quality mail and parcel forwarding in Australia. Their prices start at $12-15 per month. They will scan and upload your mail to your online account on their website and forward it to your location if need be.


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