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Updated on April 14, 2021

GetNewMailBox.com is an author’s blog about virtual mailbox services, and related topics (virtual offices, colivings, useful services for remote users and travelers). You can contact us by e-mail: getnewmailboxcom@gmail.com

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About the founder

Eugene K. Founder Getnewmailbox.com Hello everyone! My name is Eugene. I work in internet marketing and also I do promotion of my own digital company. For me internet marketing is not just my work but also my favourite hobby along with travelling. It’s quite difficult to combine your work and travels but nevertheless, this is possible thanks to modern technology. I got the idea to built this website because of these two hobbies.

Meand my team created this website in order to gather all information about virtual mailbox services in one place and to help our readers with accurate and credible information. There is a lot of data on the internet, in Google search and different blogs about Digital mailbox service but often this information is not reliable, subjective and it can be affiliated with other services.

We hope that information in this service will be useful for travellers, bloggers, expats, digital nomads, web-entrepreneurs and everyone else who are interested in this topic.

To our partners and advertisers

We are open to cooperation and placing direct ads on our website GetNewMailBox.com . Please contact us via email to discuss our pricing and proposal. We accept payments through PayPal.

Attention! We don’t sell places in our rankings and we don’t do laudatory reviews. Our rating is honest and independent. Assessment was made based on objective data (such as price, number of locations, etc.)  from the open public sources (official virtual mailboxes websites).


We can post your text in our Service only if it has a real value for our website’s visitors. We only accept articles with the same or similar topic as ours. Please send us your articles to our email getnewmailboxcom@gmail.com We will review it and get back to you quickly.

The post must be well-designed and structured; it should have gripping subheadings, lists, etc. Pictures you use have to be original or with purchased rights. We will publish a post with author’s name and a link to his social media account (Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr). Wedont place links to third partywebsites.