Americas Mailbox Review

Americas Mailbox











  • No additional fees
  • One-day mail delivery
  • 24/7 phone support


  • Not many locations
  • Prices

Updated on October 8, 2021

How do you plan to receive your important documents and necessary mail if you are traveling or moving out? Luckily, Americas Mailbox comes up with well-timed mail forwarding support to all customers. Of course, this is not the biggest but one of the most respectable mail forwarding and residence base organizations in the USA.


    • You can build up your own chart of mail delivery;
    • No additional fees for changing plans or services;
    • One-day mail delivery;
    • Ship everything as allowed by US law;
    • Doesn’t charge the high rates that other companies do;
    •  Different payment packages are available;
    •  South Dakota cheap locations on your choice;
    • 24/7 phone support.


    • Not many locations;
    • Some services require the client’s presence in person.

Americas Mailbox Overview

The company has a big choice of addresses in South Dakota. Why this particular state? You can hardly find any other location for a new postal address with such low taxes. And you don’t even have to be in this state to receive your correspondence!

Main Features

The biggest advantage of Americas Mailbox is that they welcome clients to sign up for one of four basic packages. Besides, there are many more interesting options if you claim professional assistance in:

  • Vehicle Registrations;
  • Purchase insurance;
  • Mail Packages of any size;
  • Certified/Registered physical correspondence.

There are 4 main packages you can choose from depending on your needs:

  1. Bronze Packagewill cost $149.99 a year, recommended for home base, mailing, and vehicle registrations.
  2. Silver Packagewill cost $169.99 a year, essential for physical mailing, receiving packages, home base, and more vehicles to register + secure online access anytime.
  3. Gold Packagewill cost $189.99 a year, offers postal help, receiving more packages and special handling, and is 24/7/365 secure.
  4. Platinum Packagewill cost $229.99 a year, especially good for small businesses with large volumes of mailing every day and safe accounts.

How Does The Service Work?

  • Factually, Americas Mailbox encourages clients to buy a legal address whenever they want around the given location aside from additional services. Then, the company acts according to the chosen package of services. Mail forwarding is an essential part of all packages. To start cooperation, you need:
  • Sign up on the official website.
  • Affirm one of the available addresses in South Dakota.
  • Pay for a service package on the site according to your needs.
  • Inform your local post office about a new address.

The Verdict

So, the mission is over, and you finally have a psychical address in South Dakota. Whether you are a busy traveler or a businessman who needs a US address, make sure all your mailing will go to your place through the given address. You will never lose your bills, cards, and packages. Americas Mailbox will satisfy your postal needs, as well as insurances, warranties, and maintaining a residence. Finally, feel free to make changes in your service package just from your account.

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