Best Mail Forwarding Services in 2020

Updated on November 12, 2020

In this article, we have prepared a rating of the best mail forwarding services. But, first, let’s answer two important questions: What are mail forwarding services, and how do they work?

What is a Mail Forwarding Service and why do we need it?

Mail Forwarding Service is a service that receive all your mail and packages in one address, consolidate it and send it to your actual address which can be anywhere in the world.

People need this service when they are away from their homes for a long period of time and they still need to have an access to their mail

    • for expats who work and live abroad
    • for digital nomads who always on the go
    • for families with a second home
    • for businesses that receive mail in different locations and require forwarding service to receive all their mail in one central locations
    • and there are many other reasons why this service is essential in 2020

What is the difference between Virtual Mailbox Service and Mail Forwarding Service?

Mail Forwarding Service just offer one service which is collecting all your mail in one location and afterwards sending it to your second address. They simply forward it to you without opening the envelop or scanning it. While virtual mailbox service provides you with a real street address in the USA or internationally.

And almost all virtual mailboxes have mail forwarding service including to their packages or they offer it for additional fees.  Also Virtual Mailbox has many other services like mail open and scan, mail storage, check deposits, shredding and recycling of unwanted mail, etc.

List of the Best Mail Forwarding Services in 2020

Anytime Mailbox  (Recommended. Sign Up Now)

Anytime mailbox is one of the most popular mail forwarding service in 2020. It’s a virtual mailbox with 980 locations across the World, their rates start from $6.99. They have locations not just in the U.S but also in Canada, Europe, Indonesia, India and even Malaysia.

With Anytime Mailbox you get a real street address and useful features such as mail forwarding service; open&scan; check deposit; shredding and others. All accounts have free unlimited online storage. Anytime Mailbox considered as one of the most global virtual mailbox providers with very low rates. With Anytime Mailbox account you can be sure that you can forward your mail and packages to anywhere in the world at the best rates possible.

Earth Class  Mail (Sign Up Now)

Earth Class  Mail has more than 90 addresses in the USA. They have different membership plans you can choose from. All plans offer unlimited digital copies and whenever you need a physical copy they can ship it to you. You will be able to combine all your packages, mail and choose your forwarding method in your virtual mailbox account.


PostScanMail service offers U.S. real addresses and currently they starting to expand internationally. Their pricing starts from $9.99 per month. They offer mail forwarding service for additional fee as well.

US Global Mail

US global mail offers only one address located in Houston, Texas. They offer mail forwarding service at quite affordable rates. Their plans start from $9,95 and the price depends on the number of names on the account and number of days of physical and digital storage.

Travelling Mailbox

Travelling Mailbox has around 30 addresses across the U.S. They can forward your mail to anywhere in the world using the USPS or UPS. Their plans start from $15 per month. The price depends on the number of incoming envelopes, scans, mail recipients on the account. All plans have free mail shredding

Who should consider a Mail Forwarding Service?

Expats. Mail forwarding service is getting more and more popular among expats. If you are living abroad you should definitely consider this service. With mail forwarding service you will be able to receive all your important mail and packages being anywhere in the world. It’s better not to rely on your friends or family all the time. It can annoy them eventually or they can simply forget to forward an important piece of mail to you.

Digital nomads.  Today with mail forwarding service it’s getting easier to become a digital nomad. Because one of the main problems digital nomads face is mail. Mail forwarding service is very helpful for all freelancers who prefer to be based in multiple locations rather than being tied up to one.

Travelers. If you are traveling all the time, you can face different challenges such as handling U.S. postal mail. With mail forwarding service this problem can be easily solved. In 2020 there’s no need to ask your relatives to forward your mail to you. And if you set up an account with virtual mailbox you’ll even be able to open and scan your letters within a few hours.

Businesses.  Some businesses receive their postal mail in different locations and for them it’s very useful to use mail forwarding service because this way all their mail will be forward to their central location and from there it’s much easier to manage it. Also, if you sign up for a virtual mailbox account you get a real street address and this will give you privacy because you won’t expose your home address.

Signing up for a mail forwarding service is a perfect solution for receiving your mail in 2020 especially if you are an expat, digital nomad, businesses or a traveller and even if you aren’t you should consider it. Mail forwarding service is very helpful nowadays and it’s super easy to use.

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