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Updated on March 15, 2022

Package Forwarding is a global service which helps shoppers from all around the world to shop in overseas stores. This service gives people the best discount, great options and access to the deals that only people who live in that country can get. For example, with package forwarding service you can easily shop with such websites as Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy and others .

We’ve ranked the top 5 parcel delivery services. Our Editor’s Top Picks are parcel delivery services Shipito and ParcelBound. To choose the best shipping option for your country, you need to check and compare all available parcel shipping services. To choose the best option for shipment to your country you must check and compare all available package forwarding services.


Shipito - Package Forwarding Service

Shipito is a trustworthy parcel forwarding service with warehouses located in California, Oregon (USA), and Rastenfeld (Austria) that enables users to shop on US and EU shopping sites and get their goods shipped to them worldwide. Shippito offers free account without any monthly fee.

You can choose to sign up for a free account or premium membership. Premium membership is profitable if you know you will shop a lot because this membership gives you lower prices for all your requests. But if you won’t have a lot of packages then it’s better to stick with the free account.

Price: from $16.57 (1lbs)


UsGoBuy - Package Forwarding Service

UsGoBuy is a reliable package forwarding service based in Portland, Oregon. They provide a safe shipping service all around the world. Users can buy USA products and get it shipped to anywhere in the world via different shipping carries (DHL, FedEx, Aramex).

They serve individuals located in various countries as well as international corporations. Their biggest pros are free package consolidation and repackaging, 60 days free storage and no monthly charges.One of the main services offered by the UsGoBuy is Buy for me. If you want to purchase items from U.S. websites and they don’t accept your credit card for whatever reason, UsGoBuy will buy it for you via their Buy for me option!

You will need to fill out the requested information on their website such as the website URL you want to buy from and item information. After that you will see the item in your shopping card, and you can proceed to the check out.  For Ship for me service you will have to sign up and create an account. Once you do it, you will receive a US mailing address and after that you will be able to shop online and use this address for the delivery.

Price: from $9.68 (1lbs)


Ship7- Package Forwarding Service

Ship7 is another popular parcel forwarding service based in the US and UK (London). It’s a convenient service for those who live outside of the USA or UK but still want to purchase items from these countries and get it shipped to them at the best shipping rates.

In case you are buying a lot of stuff from the US and UK websites, Ship7 will help you to consolidate your items and forward it to you via secure carrier to anywhere in the world. Pricing for shipping are quite affordable and as they are saying you will save up to 80% on international shipping.

Price: from $15.26 (1lbs)


Forward2Me - Package Forwarding Service

Forward2Me is one of the top UK packages forwarding service. This service is great for everyone who shops in UK and Europe. Forward2Me signing up process is very easy, just follow their simple rules and create an account.  After that you will get a new address and you will be able to purchase on your favorite UK or European shopping platforms and buy stuff using your new address.

Forward2Me will receive parcel on your behalf, combine it into one if you have multiple items and forward it to you to any country in the world at the best shipping rates. Forward2Me offers free consolidation of goods which make it much cheaper to forward items and they have 30 days free storage at their warehouses. Prices depend on the country you want to ship the package to, but rates are reasonable if to compare it to normal shipping rates.

Price: from $44.08 (1lbs)


MyUs - Package Forwarding Service

My US is one of the biggest legitimate shipping forwarders in the USA based in Florida. MyUS has a good reputation among their customers and known for excellent service and quality packaging. They have an easy registration process which will give you an US address instantly, after that just shop with US brands and use your new address.

You will be able to choose how you want to ship it and what carrier you prefer. My US offers different plans: single, premium, and business. If you will buy multiple items then you should go for premium or business account because these accounts have free package consolidation, free package repacking, free package storage are included to price.

Price: from $15.99 (1lbs)

How does Package Forwarding Service work?

Getting an US or EU address is very simple. First, you need to choose the best shipping forwarder for you and sign up for an account. Usually signing up process is super fast and takes just a few minutes. Once the signup process is done, you will get an address to which you can forward your goods.

You will be able to buy items on all your favorite US shopping websites and forward it to the address you signed up for. Once the package forwarding service receives your purchase, they will send notification to your account or send you an email. After that you can login and view the details of your item online.

You can request them to take a picture of the item or scan documents you need. In case you love to shop online, and you shop a lot, you can safe on shipping cost by consolidating your purchases into one shipment. Just sent all your items to this address and the company will combine it into one shipment and forward it to you to anywhere in the world.

Who needs an international package forwarding service? What problems does it solve?

Package forwarding service is useful for everyone who likes to buy goods in American online stores. For example, if you’re living abroad but you want to buy stuff on the US or UK websites due to different reasons, you should have a local address and a package forwarding service gives you this address which you can use to deliver your purchase.

Once your package is received, they will forward it to you to anywhere in the world at the best shipping rates. Moreover, many online shops require to have a local address to make a purchase and that’s why signing up for a package forwarding service is a smart idea for everyone who lives abroad and prefer shopping at their favorite stores in the USA.

Package forwarding service solves different problems such as package consolidation (they can combine multiple small parcels into one and reduce the shipping cost); managing shipping and export documents; repacking items that don’t meet international shipping criteria; etc.

How parcel forwarding companies can benefit you?

  • This service is useful for people who are living outside of the USA but desire to purchase items on American websites due to different reasons. For example, lack of product options in the country they are living in.
  • Higher prices on the local market for some brands. For example, Apple products are much more expensive in Russia then USA.
  • Higher taxes and custom fees inside some countries. But you need to consider that some countries started to put taxes for shipments from abroad.
  • Integration with international carriers
  • Package tracking service
  • Parcel consolidation
  • Repacking

Difference between Package Forwarding and Virtual Mailbox Service

Virtual mailbox and package forwarding providers share similar ideas and offer similar service. If you want to get an address mostly for receiving postal mail, then you should sign up for a virtual mailbox. However, virtual mailbox service can forward packages to you as well and some of the providers can even combine your items into one just like package forwarding companies.

Package forwarding service is mostly for receiving and forwarding parcels and usually they don’t deal with postal mail. But it’s a great service for shoppers who prefer to shop oversees.

Questions & Answers  

How to buy from the abroad?

In case your card is not accepted by the store, you can use PayPal or virtual card. Also, some parcel forwarding services provide buy for me service that allows you to buy items from the forwarder website and not from the store.

Can I return my order?

Some of the package forwarding companies offer return service for additional charges. You can return the package after they received it and you got the notification. Or if you received it at your home address, you can return it directly to the seller without sending it to the middle agent.

Is it safe?

Is it safe? Yes, it’s 100% safe. These companies have been in shipping business for more than 10 years, and all of them will give you a tracking number so you can follow your parcel. Besides, you can use the insurance service at extra charges.


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