Best Virtual Offices in the U.S.

Updated on July 16, 2021

Virtual Office Spaces have gained a lot of popularity in recent years among many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners. A virtual office is a service that provides businesses with a real physical address and office-related service.

 Virtual Office Spaces are especially popular in New York, Los Angeles and other metropolitan areas  where the cost of renting a physical office is very high. Thus, virtual office companies give startups and small companies a chance to start their business without a large investment.

With virtual office you don’t need to spend a lot of money for the establishment of your own office and you can expand your business to multiple locations around the world. This will give your company a professional VIP look.

With a virtual office people can work from any location but still have a professional mailing address & virtual mailbox, local phone number, phone call forwarding service, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing.

What’s the difference between Virtual Mailbox and Virtual Office?

Virtual Mailbox Services just provide the street address to which all your mail and packages can be forward to. They will scan your mail, forward it to you, and recycle it. But it’s not an actual office and you won’t have a phone answering service or access to meeting rooms and lounges. Virtual mailboxes only deal with postal mail and packages. So you need to think what services you need and from there decide either sign up for a virtual mailbox or a virtual office.

What does a Virtual Office provide?

  • Business address. Using a professional address will definitely improve the image of your organization rather than using your home address. You can use this address on your company’s website, business cards, and other documents.
  • Open&scan service of your mail
  • Fax facility
  • Access to meeting rooms. You will be able to arrange meetings at their offices whenever you need to meet your customer or business partner to close a deal. They can even provide a receptionist for you to help you arrange the meeting and meet your client.
  • Phone answering and voicemail service. You don’t need to use your personal mobile anymore and manage all your business calls by yourself. They will answer your calls, take messages for you and if it’s needed they will forward important calls to you.
  • Access to their business lounges around the world. Usually these companies have great well furnished lounges with all necessary amenities for work

Deciding on a virtual office may seem like a very difficult choice because there are plenty of good providers out there. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Davinci is one of the best virtual providers for any businesses. Rates are quite affordable and they have more than 1200 offices in 40 countries.
  2. Alliance is another affordable virtual office company. They provide business address, meeting rooms, and live receptionist.
  3. Opus has quite affordable rates and around 650 locations in the U.S. They offer live receptionists, conference rooms, and business mailing address.
  4. Regus is considered the best virtual office company for international business. They have wide range of domestic and international locations across 120 countries.

Make sure you do your research before signing up. If you know exactly what you want out of virtual office services, choosing the right provider will be super easy. This way you will find the best virtual office provider that meets all your needs.

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