How does USPS Mail Forwarding Work?

Updated on May 26, 2021

Mail Forwarding is a simple option for everyone who is moving to a new address whetherit is temporarily or permanently.  This way you do not need to worry that some of your friends or government agencies will not know your new address and you will not miss any important mail . We did a quick review on how to forward your mail to a new address and why you should consider this option. Also read our post about how the USPS works.

What is Mail Forwarding

A mail forwarding service is a fast way to forward your postal mail whether you are, and it can be done through USPS. Your mail can be forwarded to any location and your location does not need to be permanent.

How does it work?

First, you will need to change your address to a new one. We shortly described how to do it below. You can make a temporary or a permanent change of address.  Permanent change of address proved service up to 12 months and periodicals up to 60 days, after that you will have to make an update . Once, you change your address and select a date to start forwarding you mail, all you mail will be forward to your new address.

How to change your address with USPS?


This is the easiest way to change your address. Simply go to to change your address online.  You will need to fill out USPS Official Change of Address formwhere you will need to type your old address, new address and the exact date when you wish to start forwarding your mail.

There will be a $1.05 charge to change the address. It will be charged from your credit or debit card. This is an identity verification fee to prevent any fraud attempts.

In person

You can also go to the local post office and change your mailing address in person. At the post office you will need to fill out 3575 form and give it to a postal worker. After that you will receive a confirmation letter at your new address within 7 days.

How much USPS Mail Forwarding cost?

Changing your address in person by filling out the 3575 form at the local post office is free of charge. But submitting it online requires a $1,05 fee. However, it is just for identity verification, to prevent any fraud attempts.

Virtual Mailbox and USPS Mail Forwarding Service

Another great option for mail forwarding service is getting virtual mailbox account. Today there are so many virtual mailbox providers that you can choose the one that fits your needs best. A virtual mailbox is a digital service that allows you to receive your postal mail online. It accessible from any location in the world via any device with internet. Almost all virtual mailbox accounts offer mail forwarding service included into their packages or for additional fee.

The biggest advantage of a digital mailbox is that with their mail or package forwarding service you will be able to forward your items nationwide or internationally using any carrier, and you do not need to change your address every time.  While with USPS mail forwarding service you are committed to forward to only one address that you change whether it is temporarily or permanent .

Besides, digital mailbox has so many other services such as open and scan service; mail shredding and recycling; package consolidation and others.

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