How Virtual and RV Mail Forwarding Services Work?

Updated on November 30, 2021

What does the term Mail Forwarding mean? Some people still use this service for redirecting correspondence from A to B, but modern people know that many of the best mail forwarding mailbox services have already enhanced their capacity and are offering virtual mailbox options. This means that you can check your mail via phone or computer anywhere in the country and far abroad, even if you left the apartment life and are heading off in an RV full-time. Virtual boxes are appearing worldwide, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, standard services still have regular customers such as RV owners, lifetime travelers, and other specific clients who need more than just a service that Anytime Mailbox and PostScan Mail usually offer. Postal assistance is still indispensable in receiving important faxes, bank statements, food stamp cards, and birth certificates requiring a domicile address.  Florida, Texas, and South Dakota make it easy to domicile there .

What Does Forwarding Assistance Exactly Do?

Forward mail agents take responsibility for clients’ correspondence, holding, redirecting your letters in physical or even more upgraded form. Here is a list of basic options people usually claim:

    • Buy a valid address in America, different from your domicile;
    • Receive professional and high-quality scans of letters and envelopes to your app or email;
    • Ask for more helpful tools such as digital office support, receiving faxes and messages, virtual assistants, and parcel delivery.

Service Operational Details

An obligatory option of the best mail forwarding services is setting you up with an American address.  Specify it for registered and current mail, international parcels, packages, legal paperwork, etc .

The service collects your correspondence and redirects it to the actual place of residence. Nowadays, peoplelike receiving their physical letters in PDF format. In this case, mail holders will scan your correspondence and send it to you by email. They are called virtual mailboxes and are very popular for people who only need to view their letters.

Virtual Mailbox VS Mail Forwarding

A virtual mailbox allows you to collect mail, but it has some limitations. Banking and trade services usually do not accept a virtual P.O. box as a legal address for your projects and startups. You are also prohibited from opening a commercial bank account with just a mailbox, but you can use a virtual address as a registered agent.

With virtual mail, you don’t even have to open a PO Box.  Just take a few minutes during your lunch break to look up correspondence from your phone . It only requires a few minutes during your lunch break to view correspondence from your phone.

So, what’s the point in digital assistance? Which digital helpers meet your needs?


If you prefer traveling to a sedentary lifestyle, taking envelopes and boxes from your PO Box can be inconvenient. The digital box coordinates your post and parcels, so you willget each letter in PDF format.

PO Boxes are really outdated. You may not have time to drive to the nearest USPS office to pick up your mail.


When starting a new business, it’s critical to keep your startup costs as low as possible (or even at a zero level). Digital Mail is usually cheaper than standard mail delivery, but everything depends on the selected plan. Be ready to pay a pretty penny monthly or annually, for about $90 to $180 per year.


The point is, your given address and actual residence are two opposites. You can use the first one for all mailpublication on your website and look rock-solid under the eyes of your friends and colleagues. Both mail forwarding and virtual mailboxes take care of clients’ privacy.

Shredding & Recycling

SPAM letters are worth ignoring or even deleting. Mail agents will help you focus on crucial messages. Dozens of spam letters come to your electronic address every day. A digital post will pre-sort your mail so you don’t get spam or junk in the app. Your postal partner also has an option of recycling all junk and discarded mail, so you can take advantage of that.

Best VIRTUAL Mail Forwarding Services

Dealing with a reliable agent that transforms your letters intodigital files has many obvious advantages. Feel free to travel around with no fear of missing something important. You have a unique chance to monitor each letter as it comes in with mail scanning. Many postal agents will gladly recycle your junk mail as part of the contract. To find the best virtual mailbox service, read these short descriptions below.

Anytime Mailbox

This digital emergency will surprise you with numerous functions. First of all, it’s a popular multi-national mail delivery that holds USA, Canada, Europe, and Asian countries. What about the rules?

    • Your electronic letters will be carefully kept online without limitations;
    • Use the option of storing your envelops for three days at no cost;
    • Buy a convenient mailing plan with a list of needed functions.

You won’t overpay! The prices vary from $6 to $69, determined by the state, district, and chosen functions.

PostScan Mail

Get familiar with one of the most popular scanning mail services in the US territory and worldwide. This provider masterfully combinesmail/package delivery and electronic letters. By choosing a basic plan, you can store your PDF letters without limitations, get your correspondence automatically filtered and organized with unlimited recycling included.

Earth Class Mail

Looking for the best forwarding agent for business, go for Earth Class. Among the basic options such as opening & scanning, redirecting, and deleting, they offer free physical mail storage for 30 days, instead of the usual 3, but only US addresses are available. This agent will give many more advantages and special rates for US businesses. The price starts from $19 monthly.

This service cannot impress you with many available address locations, but you’ll be surprised by its low rates and hospitality. Pick a virtual address in New York or Dallas for business and stick to budget Boise for only $8 a month.

Traveling Mailbox

Travelling Mailbox online postal mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is a great option for people who cannot sit in a chair but spend their life hopping from city to city. The agent offers 30 virtual addresses nationwide. It’s not an enormous amount compared to Anytime and other multi-national post-delivery. If you are planning to run a business in America, buy a particular business plan for $55 per month.

Best Mail Forwarding for RV Owners & Travelers

Advanced technologies have started making positive changes in our lives. Digital post is really money-saving, but you still need one or another document in its original form. They are bills, bank account statements, immigration papers, credit cards, passports, driver licenses. Please, review these top 5 briefs to find the best mail forwarding service with functions that suit your lifestyle. Mind that many of them already include package delivery.


This respectable mail delivery agent has been working for 23 years. The number of registered customers is not surprising. They are more than 80,000. Even the cheapest basic mailing plan allows you to shop in the USA, receive parcels for the most reasonable rates, get your correspondence delivered to your door, and never miss sales and discounts.

This mail delivery doesn’t need any particular skill to change your physical address on papers. To redirect your correspondence, go to the official USPS website and take three simple steps.

    • Select the desired address to hold your postal delivery;
    • Fill in a verification form and pay the identity verification fee;
    • Your mail will be rerouted to your American legal location.


This provider is popular in the USA and UK. It is known for its fast and reliable mail forwarding and the cheapest rates. Ship7 is really the cheapest in the market! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Luckily, this professional forwarding assistance comes in two categories: individual and business services. Do you want to save money on shipping goods from abroad? There is an option to send your envelopes or packages by one single package at regular intervals. Don’t forget about saving our planet and ordering mail shredding and recycling.


By selecting this mail forwarding agent, you’ll traditionally stick to an actual physical dwelling somewhere in America. Your stuff will be carefully delivered to a new address at certain times. The company will text or message you when your mail arrives in your box.


No matter how often you change a living space, a digital box is suitable for anyone, especially with these low prices. Of course, PO Boxes and mail forwarding don’t seem to be leaving any time soon, but with a virtual mailbox, you can convert your paper mail to high-quality PDF pictures, making it easier to view, store, and control.


What Is Domicile

Domicile is where you maintain your home. It is located in the state where you permanently live and pay taxes. In other words, it is your permanent home despite your citizenship status. In other words, a domicile is not dependent on your citizenship status.

Is It Possible To Forward Letters Outside the US Borders?

The mail market counts many services that work internationally but for an additional cost. However, there may be more taxes or duty fees for packages depending on what you receive and when.

What Postal Agents Are Popular in Other Countries?

In search of a helpful service to ship goods and papers from abroad, stick to Anytime Mailbox or any other multinational provider, but each country also has a list of the best-requested mailing agents that do their job responsibly. Companies like French Office, Spainbox, and UK Postbox provide timely assistance in mail storage, copies and scans, and transporting mail worldwide.

Is Mail Forwarding Secure?

American mail providers have agreed with the 2048 SSL connection, one of the country’s largest and most secure data centers. Therefore, all information provided during registration will be stored by the company and protected from damage, loss, unauthorized access, or illegal use.

How to Start Working With Postal Forwarding?

Don’t miss your chance and obtain a delivery address in the USA. Register on the mail operator’s page and activate your account. The system will ask you to fill out the USPS Form 1583 and download a copy of any document to verify your identity. You may use a valid driver’s license, your passport, ID, or university ID for verification.

What Are Mail Forwarding Additional Options?

Do you want your envelopes checked and scanned for you, or are you interested in forwarding them only? How useful will it be if your postal agent would inform you of the number of pages and weight so that you can decide whether to read these letters or shred them? Check all available options before deciding on a mail holder.

How Do You Start Mail Delivery to a New Address?

Choose between two main options available.

    • Pick any address you can find on the page of your mailing agent.
    • Claim for the Mover’s form at the local postal station and wait for their offer.
What Does Package Forwarding Do?

If you think that many goods in the USA are cheaper, take advantage of an opportunity to shop abroad and receive goods straight to your door. How is that possible? You’ll also become a USA address holder by buying a shipping plan where your packages are delivered and automatically redirected to your place of residence. To cut the actual shipping price, your package agent will carefully check and fit the pieces in one parcel.


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