How To Become a Digital Nomad

Updated on November 30, 2021

Digital Nomads are location independent people who aren’t tied down to the office and able to work remotely from any location while travelling the world. There are many benefits of this lifestyle:  especially during the Covid-19 pandemic 

Digital nomad movement evolves and grows rapidly today due to various reasons: companies becoming more comfortable hiring remote workforce; rise in people desire to become independent and rise in co working and co-living locations; etc. And as the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, people started to adjust to their new reality.

How Digital Nomads Make Money?

There are so many possibilities to make money online and today this trend keeps rising each day. Big companies and small businesses started to hire remote workers to decrease office cost expenses. You can choose to work for others online or launch your own online business.

The most popular digital nomad’s work examples:

    • IT and programming
    • Web design
    • News and entertainment
    • Marketing
    • Consulting
    • Online education
    • Customer service
    • Virtual assistants

Of course, there are many more job examples that can be done remotely. Everyone can find something they are good at.

Pros and Cons of Digital Nomadic Lifestyle

First, let’s look at the positive side of such lifestyle.


    • Flexible schedule. You the one who is responsible for your timetable.
    • Ability to live in any location and work from anywhere.
    • No more toxic office environment and standards.
    • Non-stop travelling
    • Meeting incredible people
    • Experience new cultures
    • Constant personal and professional growth


    • Loneliness. Finding new real friends can be hard since people coming and going.
    • Your productivity and time management can suffer.
    • No stability.
    • Longing for home and family.
    • Moving from one place to another can be exhausting.
    • People will not understand you. Sometimes even your family and friends will be against you.
    • Travels loose its excitement and charm.

There are many benefits and downsides for digital nomads, as well as a traditional lifestyle. Everyone has different values in life, and it depends on you what to choose: traditional or digital nomadic lifestyle.

Popular destinations for Digital Nomads.

There are many different factors you must consider before choosing a place to settle as a digital nomad. You must think about the location with a good access to internet; low cost living; safety, and the ability to get and renew your tourist visa easily.

Many digital nomads tend to settle in certain countries. Below are the most common ones:

    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
    • Portugal
    • Mexico
    • Spain
    • Colombia and others

Whenever you decided to go to another country to settle in as a digital nomad, first, you need to think about accommodation. Co-living is a great option for people with this kind of lifestyle. It’s a modern type of communal living where each person gets a private room in a house with shared common areas. Co-living is appealing to digital nomads because of its affordability, flexibility, and the possibility to meet like-minded people. Hostel is another popular and affordable choice among digital nomads. It’s like co-living spaces but you will be sharing your bedroom with other people.

Coworking spaces is another thing to consider. It’s a place where digital nomads can stay and work while enjoying different amenities such as fast internet; coffee; printing and the atmosphere without any distractions.

How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lifestyle of digital nomads and what can you expect after this pandemic is over?

As normal people started to adjust to remote work, digital nomad’s lifestyle also has been transformed. Since the ability to travel decreased to minimum and most of them decided to return homes due to safety reasons. But little by little countries started to open their borders and lift their restrictions allowing travelers to come. Also, this time is a great opportunity to explore your own country. It’s not necessary to travel around the world all the time to be a digital nomad, for sure there are many hidden places to explore near you.

Tips for Becoming a Digital Nomad

    1. Safe money before you quit your normal job.
    2. Choose your next destination wisely.
    3. Create your own blog where you will share your experience as a digital nomad.
    4. Join a digital nomad community and meet up with expats in the city you’re staying in.
    5. Sign up for a virtual mailbox account to be able to view all your letters from anywhere in the world.
    6. Pay attention to local summits, conferences, and events ( and others)
    7. Make time for work and for exploring the new country.

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