How to choose a virtual mailbox?


I have problems with trying to create one, I need some help.

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You need to check with your local post office if they offer virtual mailboxes. i’m subscribed with a service that offers one at about $50 per month. Hope that helps.

Every virtual mailbox offers a slightly different set of services, so the first thing you’ll want to do is decide which ones you need. The core functionality of a virtual mailbox is what you’d expect—receiving letters and scanning their contents for you to view remotely—but there are a number of other services they may also provide. Here are just a few:

Package Forwarding: Some virtual mailboxes only deal with letters, but most of them will allow you to receive packages, too, to be forwarded on to the address of your choice.
Package Consolidation: If you’re receiving multiple packages per month, it often makes sense to have your virtual mailbox consolidate them into a single shipment, to save on postage.
Check Deposits: With your permission, your digital mailbox will deposit the checks you receive on your behalf. If you also run a remote business, check depositing can be an especially big deal.

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GenericLocalsi, tell us more about your problem. What is the difficulty? Perhaps you forgot to authenticate with the notary?

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