Remote work, Solution to COVID 19


Remote work has had a greater interest in the last year helping families to overcome the problem of the crisis in which we are living, People who have taken the attitude of learning new tools that have allowed them to obtain a livelihood worthy in the current humanitarian crisis.

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Yes, I agree with you. I feel its even harder to find a work at home position now because of all the competition out there. Everyday I work as hard as I can researching as much as I can and becoming informed. Who knows when anyone will actually feel right about going into the office anymore.

One industry that has seen a boom in jobs for remote work is education. If you have a degree it is easy to find a job as a teacher, and many districts will even help you to get your teaching credential. There are now many teaching positions online and that is what I will be doing next year. Each state is different, but most have emergency credentials and you could be ready to teach by next year.

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