Traveling Mailbox Review

Traveling Mailbox











  • Bulk scanning cost extra
  • Super fast
  • 24/7 Surveillance


  • No available pick up mail

Updated on June 23, 2021

A digital mailbox is a service that allows customers to manage their mail online. It’s an ideal solution for individuals and small businesses. For those who unable to receive mail or packages or just tired of wasting their time and managing mail.

Traveling Mailbox is a virtual mailbox service established in 2011. They offer over 25 addresses around U.S. which you can use for personal and business use. All locations are real street addresses and not just P.O. boxes. Their standard address located in Sanford, N.C. Other addresses are considered premium and cost a bit more because these locations situated in bigger cities. Traveling Mailbox has different membership plans and it starts from $15. The pricing depends on the amount of incoming envelopes, page scans, mailbox recipients, etc. All plans include junk mail filtering, mail shredding, unlimited cloud storage. Additional features such as check deposits, mail forwarding, bulk scanning cost extra. With Traveling Mailbox you can even mail a letter or a check directly from your online mailbox account!

Travelling Mailbox online postal mailbox

How does a traveling mailbox work?

Setting up an account takes only a few minutes. First, you need to subscribe and choose the plan. Then, you need to complete the USPS 1583 Form in your account after the subscription.  This form has to be completed and notarized thus the Traveling Mailbox will have a permission to receive and open your mail. After that they will receive your mail for you, scan the envelop and upload it to your online account. From there you can decide what to do with your mail: scan the inside, forward it, recycle and etc.

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Traveling Mailbox is very convenient to use. Super easy and fast! No need to go to the post office anymore and wait in line, everything can be done online just in a few minutes from any location.


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