Virtual Mailbox in Pittsburgh

Updated on September 27, 2022

To receive correspondence, you can create a virtual mailbox in Pittsburgh. It allows you to receive emails in electronic form immediately after they arrive at the post office. The user’s personal account has many functions that simplify the management. If we talk about popular services, the leaders are USA2me, Traveling Mailbox, Anytime Mailbox, PostScan Mail, iPostal1, and others. Our website contains offers available in Pennsylvania.
Why should you choose a virtual mailbox.


Pittsburgh Virtual Mailbox Addresses

Location AddressProviderPriceSign Up
12121 Frankstown Rd

Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Anytime Mailbox$9.99 Select Location
5500 Market St

Youngstown, OH 44512

Anytime Mailbox$9.99 Select Location
4607 Library Road

Bethel Park, PA 15102

Anytime Mailbox$10.99 Select Location
4607 Library Rd Ste 220

Bethel Park, PA 15102

PostScan Mail$15 Select Location
5831 Forward Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

PostScan Mail$15 Select Location
5831 Forward Ave

Pittsburgh, PA 15217

6375 Penn Ave Suite B

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

2515 Banksville Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15216


For a long time, people used PO Boxes to receive emails. It is the classic version, which is gradually being replaced by Virtual Mailbox. Let’s highlight its main advantages:
1. There is no attachment to the place. No need to visit the post office to pick up the letter. Now only internet access is needed.
2. Online information. Mail received? In this case, a user receives an instant message.
3. Real address. It is considered indispensable for business and is also used in interaction with government agencies.
4. Round-the-clock availability. There is no need to focus on the working hours of the post office. The personal account is available at any time of the day, without holidays and weekends.
5. Protection. High physical and information security of correspondence is ensured.
Who needs a virtual mailbox
It’s an extensive list – from business owners of various sizes to individuals. It is necessary to list the main categories of clients:
• freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads;
• travelers;
• persons caring for people with disabilities;
• foreigners;
• people who frequently change their place of residence;
• students;
• small businesses and startups.
It is not always clear whether Virtual Mailbox is really needed. The services offer to take advantage of a free trial period. Its duration ranges from a week to a month, depending on the terms of service.
To register a virtual mailbox in Pittsburgh means to get the following features:
• scanning of correspondence;
• deposit of checks;
• cloud storage;
• destruction of paper media;
• forwarding of letters or parcels;
• using a real street address;
• telephone line connection;
• rental of cells of various sizes for parcels and so on.
The number of services depends on the selected tariff.