Virtual Mailbox Services in Canada

Updated on July 2, 2021

Virtual Mailbox Canada Virtual Mailbox Service is the best way to read your postal mail online from anywhere  in the world via any device as long as it has secure internet connection. Moreover, with virtual mailbox you can receive packages and ship it to a second address in any location all around the globe.

There are not a lot of virtual mailbox services in Canada but luckily If you want to set up an account in this country you can choose between two good providers which can cover all your needs. Let’shave a look!

Canadian Address

Canadian Address virtual mailbox is a unique provider without any monthly fee. You pay $20 to set up an account and after that you simply pay for what comes to your address and what you want to do with it. They charge $3 for letter scan and fax; $2 postage for letter; $10 postage for package. All rates are in USD without any hidden fees.

Canadian Address accepts only Pay Pal payments, once they receive your mail or package, they will send you a Pay Pal money request and after that proceed as you requested. Canadian address is a legitimate virtual mailbox service and one of the few that does not have monthly fee.

eSnail offers different plans because not everyone has the same needs. So whether you’re expecting one mail or hundreds they will have a plan for you. Prices start from $25 per month and the cost depends on how many envelops you receive. All plans include storage of your physical mail up to 3 months; full color scanning; immediate forwarding of checks to any location; mail and packages forwarding; secure shredding of old mail.

eSnail has location in different Canadian cities: Toronto, Orlando, Edmonton, Vancouver. Overall, eSnail is a good option for everyone, businesses and individuals.

Besides, these 2 Canadian providers you can also set up an account with Anytime Mailbox or PostScan Mail because they also offer address in Canada with good rates and quality service. You will enjoy all the smart virtual mailbox benefits with an actual address in biggest cities of Canada.

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