Virtual Mailboxes in Colorado

Updated on April 18, 2022

Receiving letters and parcels is a crucial task for individuals and companies. The traditional approach for receiving shipments is a PO Box. But nowadays, its functionality is considered quite limited. Therefore, a virtual mailbox is replacing it. Its rental can be carried out through USA2me, Traveling Mailbox, Anytime Mailbox, PostScan Mail, iPostal1, and other services. The registration process takes a few minutes, and the cost starts from $5 per month. A virtual mailbox in Colorado allows you to conduct business, interact with various government agencies and work remotely. You can access your personal account through the service’s website or mobile application.

Why virtual mailboxes are better than PO Boxes

The following factors affect the answer to this question:

    1. No more visits to the post office. Even if you live in Colorado, the need to visit the post office to receive correspondence is quite a disadvantage. If using Virtual Mailbox, visits are not required. All mail is available online in electronic form.
    2. Having a real-life address. PO Boxes don’t work with some postal services (like UPS and FedEx). A virtual mailbox allows you to receive parcels from any service. It’s an important point when doing business. Also, you can use Virtual Mailbox for the company’s registration.
    3. Control capabilities. You can log in to your virtual mailbox from anywhere in the world, as long as you have the internet. It provides a wide range of options with a user-friendly management interface.
    4. No breaks, weekends, and holidays. Any post office works according to the established schedule. It will be impossible to receive shipments at any other time. With Virtual Mailbox, you won’t have such problems because it is available around the clock.

If you have any questions, the services’ staff is ready to consult you via chat or other means.

What services does Virtual Mailbox offer

The list of options is quite diverse. This list is determined by the tariff plan or formed by the client. It provides the following services:

    • electronic conversion of envelopes and their contents (scanning);
    • storage of parcels and correspondence;
    • forwarding mail to the address specified by the client;
    • destruction of correspondence;
    • storing information in the cloud;

Virtual mailboxes in Colorado are the optimal solution for everyone.

Colorado Virtual Mailbox Addresses

Location AddressProviderPriceSign Up
834-F S Perry Street Castle Rock, CO 80104Anytime Mailbox$8.99 Select Location
6547 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80918Anytime Mailbox$12.99 Select Location
1312 17th Street Denver, CO 80202Anytime Mailbox$9.99 Select Location
9878 W Belleview Denver, CO 80123PostScan Mail$15 Select Location
13395 Voyager Pkwy Ste 130 Colorado Springs, CO 80921PostScan Mail$15 Select Location
98 Wadsworth Blvd Ste 127 Denver, CO 80226PostScan Mail$15 
3609 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Ste 31 Colorado Springs, CO 80918-6658iPostal1$9.99 
2955 New Center Point Colorado Springs, CO 80922iPostal1$9.99 
5142 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80918iPostal1$9.99 


Colorado LLC & Trust Attorney

    • Professional Address
    • Phone Answering & Mail Handling
    • Affordable Prices


Address: Colorado LLC Attorney 901 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, CO 80203

Phone: +1 720 204-2444

Executive Business Centers

    • Mail forwarding service
    • Individual secure mailbox with access during business hours
    • Voicemail box accessible 24/7 plus voicemail to email services
    • 8 hours per month in a private office or six-person meeting room
    • Locked storage/file space
    • Free parking!


Address: 7887 E Belleview Ave #1100, Denver, CO 80111, United States

Phone: +1 303 228-2280

Pack & Ship Plus

    • Scan, view and store documents
    • Forward mail and packages
    • Add a phone line, deposit checks


Address: 3609 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Ste 31 Colorado Springs, CO 80918-6658

Phone: +1 719 434 8070