Virtual Mailboxes in Memphis

Updated on August 18, 2022

Do you need a real mailing address in Memphis? There are several options for doing so. The traditional approach involves renting a PO Box. This method has several limitations and does not meet modern requirements. There is a more effective option – to issue a virtual mailbox. Depending on the service and the tariff plan, the cost varies from $4.9 to $229 per month.

Why should you get a Virtual Mailbox

Several crucial advantages deserve special attention:

  1. Remote management. Each client receives a personal account. Access is possible from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available. It is not necessary to be in the United States for registration.
  2. The service provides comprehensive protection of user information. It maintains the confidentiality of the real address and ensures that no one can access the correspondence.
  3. Getting a real address. You can use it in interacting with courier services (including UPS and FedEx). The service allows registering the business, applying to government agencies, or submitting documents to banks. The address remains unchanged, regardless of where the owner of the virtual mailbox is located or resides.
  4. Instant notification of incoming letters. As soon as the client receives the letter, the service employee photographs its front part and uploads it to the system. A notification with the corresponding image appears in the owner’s personal account.
  5. There is no need to visit the department to pick up a correspondence. There is a function for scanning the contents of the letter. It’s completely confidential and secure. The client can give instructions for the destruction of paper media.
  6. Depositing checks. The service provides for cooperation with all banks. When receiving the check, all you have to do is submit an application to the service. The processing takes up to 1 day.

Virtual Mailbox saves time. It is indispensable in cases when you have to receive a large number of emails.

It’s the optimal solution for receiving and organizing correspondence. The following categories of people issue the Virtual Mailbox most often:

  • digital nomads (IT specialists not tied to a specific place);
  • small businesses and startups;
  • people caring for elderly or incapacitated citizens;
  • remote workers and freelancers;
  • travelers;
  • expatriates and foreigners;
  • students from other cities.

Providing a minimum amount of information is enough to create a virtual mailbox. Are you still not sure about the need for such a service? In this case, many services offer a free trial period of 15-60 days. It’ll allow you to get acquainted with all the advantages and make the right decision.