Virtual Mailboxes in Tucson

Updated on August 17, 2022

Do you need to quickly track your mail from anywhere and manage it via the Internet? In this case, the classic version of the PO Box is not suitable. Hence, you should issue a virtual mailbox. In Tucson, various providers offer hundreds of addresses to choose from.

Tucson Virtual Mailbox Addresses


Location AddressProviderPriceSign Up
130 E Congress St

Tucson, AZ 85701

Anytime Mailbox$29.99 Select Location
2900 E Broadway Blvd

Tucson, AZ 85716

Anytime Mailbox$9.99 Select Location
4764 E Sunrise Dr

Tucson, AZ 85718

Anytime Mailbox$9.99 Select Location
7090 N Oracle Rd Ste 178

Tucson, AZ 85704

PostScan Mail$15 Select Location
7090 N Oracle Rd Ste 178

Tucson, AZ 85704

PostScan Mail$15 Select Location
4764 E Sunrise Dr

Tucson, AZ 85718

PostScan Mail$15

Advantages of virtual mailboxes

An increasing number of people are choosing Virtual Mailbox. It saves time and is also a convenient solution for ordinary people and organizations. Let’s take a closer look at the main advantages:

  1. You no longer need to visit the post office regularly. The user of the virtual mailbox service receives notifications in electronic form. The staff will take a picture of the envelope, which is very convenient. As an additional option, it is possible to scan the contents.
  2. Correspondence control. The personal account is available at any time. You can always log in, view updates, read mail, and perform other tasks. A few mouse clicks are enough for this. There is no need to deal with paperwork anymore.
  3. Storing letters. The service uploads the scanned correspondence to the cloud storage. Therefore, you’ll avoid the problem of losing important information. The user can integrate the account with Dropbox, Google Drive, or Quickbooks Online services.
  4. Real address. It’s similar to a mailbox with a real street address. You can receive shipments from all courier services. UPS and FedEx cooperation is allowed. You can interact with authorities in the field of taxation, finance, or other areas.
  5. Forwarding service. Do you have a virtual mailbox in Tucson, but you’re in another city or even another country? There is a service for sending correspondence to the address specified by the client. You can choose one of the available methods, which differ in delivery time and cost.

You can use a virtual mailbox as a work address. It contributes to simplified business management.

How to get a Virtual Mailbox in Tucson

The initial task is to choose the right service. The most famous are Anytime Mailbox, iPostal1, PostScan Mail, Earth Class, etc.

  1. Determining the physical address. When a suitable option is specified, you can get acquainted with the list of available services.
  2. Providing documents for the conclusion of the contract. First of all, an identity card is required. You must fill out Form 1583.
  3. Paying for the service by choosing the convenient option. After the necessary settings, you can use a virtual mailbox.

The price depends on the tariff plan and the provider. Quite often, users have doubts about the need to rent a Virtual Mailbox. Most services offer a trial period during which no subscription fee is charged.

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