Mailbox Forwarding Review

Mailbox Forwarding











  • High-security standards
  • No stetup fees


  • Not many addresses are available
  • Speed

Updated on September 22, 2021

Manage your postal mail on your laptop or phone with Mailbox Forwarding for as low as $14.95 a month. This service renders irreplaceable assistance to any business, startup, and other projects where you need to check mail remotely.


    •  A really existing physical address, not just a postal box;
    • Your correspondence is scanned and redirected to your gadget in virtual form;
    •  Read letters virtually in any place;
    • High-security standards;
    • Your correspondence is kept private and not disclosed to anyone;
    •  Good choice of pricing plans;
    •  No setup fees;
    • Round the clock customer support.


    • Not many addresses are available;
    • Wish they could make the speed faster.

Mailbox Forwarding Overview

The e-mail system through the virtual address gives fast access to your files and an option to handle your electronic correspondence in real-time from any device anywhere. It also completely eliminates the task of opening, sorting, and recycling mail, freeing up time.

Pricing Plan

The biggest advantage of dealing with this MailboxForwarding is that you can hand-pick your own pricing plan and pay only for the services you need. There are several standard features that define a virtual mailbox: physical mailing address, registered agent, shipping, handling your correspondence. Choose between Basic, Professional, and Premium pricing plans. They differ in price, from $14,95 to $49, and extra mail received and scanned a month.

Main Features

  • Price from only $14.95 a month.
  • Your real address is kept private and not released.
  • You can read the electronic correspondence on any portable device without installing any software.
  • The service provides you a notification when the email is sent.
  • You can read your correspondence within 1 business day it’s been received.
  • As an additional option, the company redirects your faxes through the same online interface as your mailing.
  • Locations offered: Grandville, Los Angeles, Pompano Beach.

How Does MailboxForwarding Work?

The service guarantees you a physical address with a virtual mailbox where your correspondence is factually delivered to. When your letters arrive, the company staff works on every letter by scanning envelopes and mail packages. You can then manage your correspondence and read it, scanned, from your phone. Also, Mail Forwarding can recycle the item or forward-ship it to your home or business address at your request.

What’s Then?

You can choose whether you need your letters forwarded to the address you want them shipped to or recycled. Mail Forwarding offers 5 shipping speeds to choose from. Additionally, you can choose to have the original document shredded, but retain the scanned copy in the Archive folder.

The Verdict

Have you ever returned from a trip and received an important letter that required immediate attention? Get access to your mail wherever you are, and never worry about skipping a note again. In addition, with Mailbox Forwarding assistance, you will be immediately notified of any legal or notarized documents that your company receives. A good internet connection is all that you need to create a virtual mailbox for your startup! Your electronic correspondence will be downloaded and viewed in a convenient digital application.