PhysicalAddress Mailbox Review












  • You’ve got two assistances in one: mailbox and current address
  • The given address sticks to your mailbox so that you will never lose it even if your project is closed or reorganized
  • 9+ years of business
  • 7 days a week phone support
  • Mail handling is not outsourced to third-parties & Acceptable charges


  • Not many locations

Updated on September 22, 2021 – a reliable cloud-based virtual mailbox that supports your commerce with fast and convenient mailing. Mail access is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

PhysicalAddress Overview

Thanks to this professional assistance, your business is given a physical address where your electronic correspondence is received, stored, and monitored. It is then redirected to PhysicalAddress digital platform where your mailbox is actually located. Enjoy borderless access to your correspondence from any part of the globe with an internet connection. includes a number of amenities except for mail coordination. Most of these services lie in receiving, forwarding, and storage of mail packages. They can be fully customized, and issued as needed.

Main Features

      • Price from $7.98 a month.
      • The service runs on Android and iOS platforms.
      • You are supported with fast and convenient mailing from everywhere.
      • The mailbox is carried in unlimited digital storage and an enormous number of recipients.
      • PhysicalAddress offers a multi-user administrator console.
      • Offered cities: Dallas, Las Vegas, Lagoon Beach, and Wall Street.

How Does PhysicalAddress Work?

It is very important to connect to a good reputable mail platform which is PhysicalAddress. The electronic correspondence is first received at your given physical address and then downloaded to a digital application that delivers it straight to your device. With mailing assistance, you can view your electronic letters and choose from any number of processing options with one click.

Viewing email in real-time gives you several benefits:

    • It allows receiving correspondence faster and minimizes spam. Also, you’ll get exactly the same processing options as from a traditional postal service without additional charges.
    • Feel free to put the address of your business on corporate cards, documents, company websites. This is a particularly useful feature for international businesses that want to expand in America.

The Verdict

At PhysicalAddress, they offer a complete virtual mailbox with each virtual package – the price starts at just $7,98 a month! The service even gives you your first month for free. Just go to to get started. Your company will gain a prestigious mailbox in Dallas or Las Vegas, special mail coordination from a talented team, and an innovative digital platform to manage the flow of your correspondence. Plus, 24/7 customer support. For more information on why PhysicalAddress is the best choice for your virtual mailbox, contact directly the company’s informational center.