Virtual Mailbox in Long Beach

Updated on September 16, 2022

Receiving letters and parcels in Long Beach (California) is possible using a Po Box or Virtual Mailbox. You should choose based on your requests. Virtual Mailbox is ideally suited for those who change their address frequently, emigrants, digital nomads, travelers, or students. It should also include small businesses and startups.

Long Beach Virtual Mailbox Addresses

Location AddressProviderPriceSign Up
1124 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90806
Anytime Mailbox$9.99 Select Location
1700 Santa Fe Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90813

Anytime Mailbox$8.99 Select Location
375 Redondo Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90814

Anytime Mailbox$15 Select Location
5318 E 2nd St.

Long Beach, CA 90803

PostScan Mail$20 Select Location
1124 E Pacific Coast Hwy

Long Beach, CA 90806

PostScan Mail$15
3711 Long Beach Blvd Ste 4057

Long Beach, CA 90807

PostScan Mail$20
1124 E Pacific Coast Hwy

Long Beach, CA 90806-5102

3294 Cherry Ave

Long Beach, CA 90807

3515 Atlantic Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90807

You can use the services of dozens of specialized companies. The website contains the most favorable offers from US Global Mail, Anytime Mailbox, PostScan Mail, iPostal1, Virtual Post Mail, and other organizations.

How a virtual mailbox works in Long Beach

The service creates scanned copies of all incoming correspondence to the client. To access it, you need to use the official website or app. Each user has a personal account with a set of management tools.

After determining the appropriate service, you need to go to its website. The physical address is selected from the provider’s list. The client needs to fill in the information about them and choose the tariff plan. In the process of using, you can always switch to another offer or purchase additional options.

Advantages of Virtual Mailbox

A PO Box is a classic approach for receiving mail but is considered an outdated option. It is no longer able to meet modern demands. To have a virtual mailbox in Long Beach or another city means to get several advantages:

  1. Saving time. Physical presence at the post office or even Long Beach is no longer required. Now it is enough to open a personal account. As for letters, notifications appear immediately after the correspondence is processed.
  2. Versatility. It is allowed to work with all postal services, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. There is an opportunity to expand the number of subscribers, which is a significant plus for business.
  3. Mail management. Create letter categories, quickly search for the necessary information, store all mail in the cloud, and much more. Such functions are included in the basic set of any tariff plan.

Other advantages include increased security, depositing checks in any bank, and a round-the-clock support service.