15 jobs for working moms at home (not just online!)

Updated on January 13, 2022

In the 21st century, humanity has enough opportunities to work without leaving home. It is especially true for mothers with young children.

There are options for earning money by offline or online methods at home for moms.

Teacher or tutor

Classes in foreign languages are especially in demand. You can conduct classes with students in real-time and give immediate feedback by video chat. In addition, the time difference on the planet allows you to work at home while the child is sleeping.

Pet sitter

Some people need to resolve the issue with pets during departure. So for a fee, you can sit with a cat or walk dogs on schedule. You can place flyers about your offer in parks or leave messages on thematic forums on the web.

Mini kindergarten at home

Perhaps there are families in the circle of friends who have not managed to get their child into kindergarten, or they simply don’t need this service all the time. In such cases, you can offer kindergarten services at home.

Social Media Manager

It’s quite a creative profession. Attending meetings and conferences is often meaningless. Working from home implies all the same opportunities as from the office.

In addition, there are enough projects for which it is cheaper to outsource an SMM employee, or the company may not have an office at all.

Custom-made cakes and pastries

Well-made cakes or cheesecakes are very much in price nowadays. And when it comes to handmade or craft production, it is even more valuable. The most successful entrepreneurs in this business earn a lot of money at home (work for moms with a free schedule and potentially high earnings; just imagine). And as a bonus, you always have unbiased tasters at your fingertips.

Sale of unnecessary books

Throwing out books is not humane. But books can “evict” a fan of paper books from home if purchasing them regularly. And what if I tell you that you can earn money by selling them? Over the years, textbooks, scientific literature, rare editions can both remain in price and become even more expensive!

Become a blogging star

If you are an expert in some interesting relevant topic, try to monetize your knowledge by starting a blog or youtube channel. In addition to showing ads for money, your materials may be of interest to advertisers.

The decryption of text or audio

People have not yet come up with a solution that automates the decoding of written text or audio with high accuracy. Therefore, the decoding of manuscripts and audio recordings is still relevant. Such work does not require an office; a working mother at home needs a computer and free time.


Instead of correcting friends in messages and strangers on forums and social networks, grammar gurus can direct this energy to someone who will pay you for it. Publishers, authors, and even businesses often hire freelance proofreaders who can improve and refine the text, regardless of their location, up to the point that the place of such work can be an ordinary kitchen table.


If the seamstress’s talent is dormant somewhere inside you, then it’s time to wake it up. Individual tailoring of dresses for weddings and proms can bring good money. Also, do not forget about the little fashionistas who need original costumes for children’s matinees.

Call center or support employee

Many modern companies, to reduce costs, organize the work of their support staff or call centers on a remote basis. It can be banking, IT, or online trading.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistant deals with booking train tickets, transfers, taxis, hotels. They help with sorting emails and perform other tasks like coordinating the director’s meetings.

Accountant at home

If you have the appropriate education or some experience, you can enter the job seekers’ market in this field. It is unprofitable and pointless for many small companies to maintain a full-time accountant. Such work may not require exclusivity, which allows you to conduct several projects in parallel.

Participation in surveys

It is a low-paid job, but if you have widespread knowledge in various areas, you can make more money with a big number of surveys. There are specific aggregator sites that allow companies to contact potential feedback providers. For example, these are Survey Junkie or Respondent.

Content Manager

Large web projects need specialists engaged in information posting and content preparation. Many willingly hire remote employees in this position.

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