What cannot be sent by mail in the USA

The US Postal Service sets strict requirements for the contents of parcels. You cannot send prohibited items without special permission from the Federal Agency. It ensures the safety of the entire organization. The list includes a large number of categories. We’ll specify the most common items: Continue reading “What cannot be sent by mail in the USA”

Digital Alternatives to PO Boxes

A classic mailbox is an actual box in the post office where parcels and correspondence arrive. It’s hard to imagine everyday life without it in the USA and several European counties. For citizens of other countries, a PO box is required when interacting with local services or companies.

As practice shows, the PO Box concept is seriously outdated. Therefore, it can no longer meet all requests from individuals or organizations. Virtual subscriber boxes replaced PO Boxes. Let’s figure out what they are and what they are needed for. Continue reading “Digital Alternatives to PO Boxes”

How much does a virtual mailbox cost?

Is there a need to receive letters and parcels in the United States? In this case, you cannot do without a virtual mailbox, which is a popular service that is highly in demand nowadays. A traditional mailbox is a physical space rented for a specified period. It’s not a specific street address. Virtual mail has a service for receiving mail, which comes to the address of the virtual office. Thus, it’s both renting a box and receiving a range of services. Their full list depends on the service. Continue reading “How much does a virtual mailbox cost?”

How to receive mail in the USA if you are in another country?

Do you need to receive a parcel from the United States? You can shove this problem in two main ways:

  • with the help of specialized delivery companies;
  • via the US Postal Service.

The choice affects not only the cost and timing. There are differences in the mail processing procedure itself. Let’s take a closer look at the presented above methods and their features. Continue reading “How to receive mail in the USA if you are in another country?”

Virtual Mailbox VS PO Box. Comparison of services

Irs there a need to choose between a traditional and a virtual mailbox? To begin with, let’s try to understand the definitions. A PO Box is a physical box available at a post office or other specialized organization. The address matches the actual location. The address is written in the following form: PO Box #, City, State/Region, and ZIP code.

A virtual mailbox provides for the use of an actual place to receive letters and parcels. The client also gets a list of additional services determined by the tariff. It includes scanning documents, storing, collecting several parcels into one, etc. The virtual mailbox indicates the actual address and a specific number at the end. Continue reading “Virtual Mailbox VS PO Box. Comparison of services”

How much does a mailbox cost in the USA, and how to obtain it?

A postal address in the USA may be required in various situations. You don’t have to be in the US to obtain it. There are several ways to perform the task, which we will consider in more detail. It is important to mention that PO Box is considered an outdated option. Renting a virtual mailbox will be cheaper, more convenient, and easier. On our website, you can find detailed information about existing services. Continue reading “How much does a mailbox cost in the USA, and how to obtain it?”