Digital Alternatives to PO Boxes

A classic mailbox is an actual box in the post office where parcels and correspondence arrive. It’s hard to imagine everyday life without it in the USA and several European counties. For citizens of other countries, a PO box is required when interacting with local services or companies.

As practice shows, the PO Box concept is seriously outdated. Therefore, it can no longer meet all requests from individuals or organizations. Virtual subscriber boxes replaced PO Boxes. Let’s figure out what they are and what they are needed for.

Virtual Mailbox functions

It’s not just a box for storing letters and parcels. It provides a set of additional services from the postal service. Let’s focus on this point in more detail:

    1. Incoming mail is scanned and digitized. The client gets access to all correspondence in electronic form through the personal account.
    2. File management. You can give an order to destroy (to shred) specific papers.
    3. An ability to forward the received correspondence or parcels.
    4. The received checks can be deposited into all American banks.
    5. Convenient integration tools with a virtual office. It is especially in demand when creating corporate virtual mail.

You can find a more detailed list of options on the website of the service of interest.

Advantages of a Virtual Mail Address

PO boxes are gradually becoming a thing of the past. There are several good reasons for this. Let’s focus on why Virtual Mailbox is becoming increasingly popular.


Do you own a mailbox remotely, or do you change addresses frequently? You no longer need to issue a new PO Box every time since the address of the virtual mailbox remains unchanged. You can choose any location. For example, you can select a tax-free state or another place with preferential conditions. If we talk about the cost, prices start from $5 per month. The cost increases if you select additional services or use a business tariff.

Keeping mail in order

Nowadays, it’s hard to work with papers. Now it’s enough to log in to your account to see all the updates. Due to the scanning service, you can convert all correspondence into digital form. The client receives management tools in their personal account. To perform these tasks independently, you’ll need a scanner and a shredder, as well as free space for storing letters.

Saving time

The virtual mailbox provides a personal account. The service staff immediately adds information about the receipt of new shipments. Personal presence is not required. All you need to do is fill in several fields to forward mail, which is as convenient as it can be. It applies to all the functions described earlier.


A PO Box cannot provide a level of protection similar to a virtual one. Credit card data, corporate information, personal information – all this is under reliable protection. Virtual Mailbox services responsibly approach the destruction of correspondence. These services use a shredder with the maximum shredding rate. After its operation, it is impossible to restore any information.

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