How much does a virtual mailbox cost?

Is there a need to receive letters and parcels in the United States? In this case, you cannot do without a virtual mailbox, which is a popular service that is highly in demand nowadays. A traditional mailbox is a physical space rented for a specified period. It’s not a specific street address. Virtual mail has a service for receiving mail, which comes to the address of the virtual office. Thus, it’s both renting a box and receiving a range of services. Their full list depends on the service.

Comparison of tariffs from different providers

We’ll try to tell in more detail what offers are available on the virtual mailbox market. Let’s consider the providers whose services are in the biggest demand.

Anytime Mailbox

It’s a multipurpose option. The service offers optimal conditions for all situations. It is suitable for businesses, travelers, and other categories of customers. Virtual mailboxes are provided all over the world. The cost ranges from $4.98 to $30 per month.

US Global Mail

It specializes in servicing corporate clients. Notable clients include Netflix and Shell. It ensures high reliability. Therefore, letters and parcels won’t get lost due to the proven system. For individuals, the cost of services starts from $10 per month. For business representatives, prices range from $360 per year.


It’s a service with ideal conditions for receiving packages and parcels. Compared with competitors, it has cheaper fees for storage and shipping. Also, the service has an option to collect several parcels in one to reduce the cost. PostScanMail is great for individuals and small businesses. The cost of a virtual mailbox is in the range of $15-30 per month.


The service provides a large number of addresses, and there is also an expanded set of services for customers. There are tariffs for ordinary people and small and large businesses. The cost of monthly maintenance ranges from $10 to $40.

Virtual Post Mail

It specializes in receiving and delivering various documentation. The service provides high-speed operation and round-the-clock service. There is a free trial period so that new users can evaluate the benefits. The start-up plan will cost $20 per month. If we consider unlimited tariffs, you will have to pay $35-$90 for their use.

Traveling Mailbox

When choosing this service, you receive a large number of options. You can both use a suitable tariff and create your own set of services. The subscription fee is $15-$159.

Earth Class Mail

A standard list of services is available to customers. It includes receiving and sending letters/parcels, scanning documents, depository boxes, and so on. The cost of maintenance ranges from $19 to $75 per month.


If you are interested in the cost of a virtual mailbox, you should analyze your needs. Prices start from 5-10 dollars per month. They can vary greatly, depending on the service and the selected package of services.

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