How to receive mail in the USA if you are in another country?

Do you need to receive a parcel from the United States? You can shove this problem in two main ways:

  • with the help of specialized delivery companies;
  • via the US Postal Service.

The choice affects not only the cost and timing. There are differences in the mail processing procedure itself. Let’s take a closer look at the presented above methods and their features.

Express delivery services

It’s crucial to consider the requirements of customs. Most private delivery services set a limit on the cost of goods for shipment to Russia of 200 euros. In case of excess, you’ll have to pay a fee. The next problem is that many similar organizations do not cooperate with individuals or make exceptions when cooperating with some stores.

Exceeding the customs limit may result in sending the parcel back. Some companies will contact the client to resolve the situation. This problem suggests two options for action:

  1. Arrive at the customs control point on your own (for obvious reasons, an unreal solution).
  2. Use the services of an intermediary organization (requires additional spending of time and money).

To avoid difficulties in receiving a parcel, we recommend contacting trusted services.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

You can avoid difficulties with customs if you use the services of the US Postal Service. It is part of the global organization – Universal Postal Union (Russian Post is also part of it). It simplifies the interaction between departments while the parcel is in transit. Obtaining a parcel with USPS cooperation does not involve any special features. It is enough to come with a passport to the office of the national postal service.

There’s another advantage, in addition to the convenience of sending. For the US Postal Service, the duty-free limit has been increased to $1,000. The package receives a label with a unique number. You can use it to track the current location. This option is not valid for all types of shipments.

How a virtual mailing address can help

Do you shop in US stores or receive correspondence in this country? For convenience, you should use the services of one of the virtual mail services. It simplifies the task. Depending on the selected tariff, the service will cost $5-30. The client has a personal account. There, they can manage shipments, receive scans of sent emails, and much more.

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