How Do I Use Virtual Mailboxes When I Travel?

Updated on August 20, 2021

Virtual Mailbox for TravelersThe main challenge for business travelers, digital nomads, and everyone else is managing their postal mail while they abroad. How can you view and manage your postal mail being abroad, on a business trip, or while travelling the world? We know a few options that can help you. Let’s take a look.


Obviously in 2021 the mobile phone is our everything. If you sign up for a virtual mailbox account, you will be able to read your postal mail online with any mobile device using their iOS or Android app or on their official website. But different situations can happen while you’re abroad. For example, no internet on your phone, impossible to get a local simcard or no access to WiFi. Besides, sometimes you might need an original letter. In this case, you will have to plan in advance on how to forward your incoming mail to a new physical address. Here are your options…


Many coworking spaces such as Regus offer customers an address where they will pick up your mail and hold it until the member comes and pick it up himself. Moreover, some coworking spaces can forward the mail to the member’s location if he is out of the city.


Hotels are very convenient to guests who want to receive their mail or packages while they stay. Before your trip you need to go to the local post office, fill out the change of address form. Provide the hotel address you’re staying in and the suite number. Before arriving to the hotel, phone the front desk and let them know that you’re expecting mail during your stay. Hotels are very accommodating; they will even phone your room to tell you when your mail has arrived.

Get a physical letter copy at pick up locations of your virtual mailbox provider

Not all providers offer this service, that is why if it’s important for you, before setting up an account, ask the virtual mailbox provider if they have this feature. For example, PostScan Mail has physical locations where you can pick up your mail in person.

As we mentioned above virtual mailbox is great for every traveler. But their packages include so many features and just simple mail viewing. Let uslookat the main benefits that you need to consider if you want to get an account.

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