Virtual Mailbox Service in Australia

Updated on July 29, 2021

Virtual mailbox is a digital service that gives customers a real street address where they can receive, they postal mail or packages. Once they get your mail, you will get a notification and can view it online.After that you can decide what to do with it: scan it, recycle or send it to anywhere in the world.

This service is becoming very popular in 2021 and especially amongdigital nomads, businesses and travelers who need to receive their mail on the go while they are travelling abroad.

On our websites you can find detailed reviews about International and American virtual mailbox services but usually each country has their own local virtual mailbox service. In this article, we will talk about virtual mailbox services in Australia.

Aussie mailman

Aussie mailman is 100% Australian mail forwarding service.It has been in virtual mailbox business since 2010. The main location isin Sydney, New South Wales. They provide secure P.O. address in Sydney where they receive your postal mail and keep it for you before you say what to do next with it. Aussie mailman is one of a few virtual mailboxes that does nothave any set up fee, while prices start from $15 per month.  They have two choices for you:standard and gold service. Gold service has more features in the package such as free scan of the envelope, also scan of contents of the envelop upon request.  All packages include mail forwarding service, cheque deposit on your behalf,etc.


AUSFF. It’s another great mail forwarding service Australia. They offer areal physical address in Sydney. AUSFF offers various plans for physical packages and letters/documents packages.  Prices start from $5.  This service is good for individual and businesses who is exploring Australian Market because most of Australian online stores do notship oversees. And AUSFF helps to ship your items bought from any Australian store to any address you requested at the very best shipping rates.

Virtual address

Virtual address. Virtual address is a great virtual mailbox choice for businesses and small enterprises with addresses throughout Australia in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Devonport,etc. They have addresses in the most prestigious location in Australia and offer benefits of the physical office with virtual assistant and receptionist but at the much lower price than renting a real office. Also, you can just rent a virtual mailbox and receive all your packages at one of their secure locations.

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